SSWSC athletes see success in start of 2020 |

SSWSC athletes see success in start of 2020

Magill fares well at cross country championships

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club athlete Isabelle Washburn finished her slalom races in sixth and ninth at the Colorado Ski Cup in Winter Park on Jan. 5-7.
Jon Nolting/Courtesy

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — To kick off the new year, four Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club members traveled to the Michigan Upper Peninsula to compete in the 2020 U.S. Cross Country Skiing Championships. 

The Steamboat skiers competed in multiple events in Houghton, Michigan, which resulted in a pair of athletes qualifying for international events. 

U.S. Ski Team member and former SSWSC Nordic athlete Noel Keeffe earned fourth in the qualifying race. In the quarterfinals, he picked up 26th.

Twelve semi-final spots are awarded to athletes younger than 20, though. With that, Wally Magill placed ninth in the boys junior field of the semi-final. SSWSC alumnus Jimmy Colfer took sixth in the junior boys sprint. University of Vermont skier and Steamboat native Waverly Gebhardt won the junior girls sprint.

In the individual start freestyle race, former SSWSC skier Finn O’Connell, who attends the University of Vermont, finished 15th in the men’s 15K. Magill was 34th and second among U18 athletes.

In the women’s 10K, Ellory Kearns had the highest finish among SSWSC athletes, taking 132nd.

The mass start saw O’Connell and Magill up top, as O’Connell finished 15th in the 30K, and Magill earned fifth in the junior boys 10K. Gebhardt took sixth in the girls 7.5K race.

Due to their success, both O’Connell and Magill qualified for international races. Magill will travel to Falun, Sweden, on Jan. 19 with the U.S. Ski Team to compete in the U18 Nations Cup. O’Connell earned a spot on the U23 World Junior Team, which will compete in the World Junior Championships in Oberwiesenthal, Germany, Feb. 28 to March 3.

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club athlete Helenka Ostaszewski finished fourth and seventh in slalom races at the Colorado Ski Cup in Winter Park on Jan. 5 to 7.
Jon Nolting/Courtesy

Puckett’s pace skiers at Colorado Ski Cup

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Alpine racers competed in the Colorado Ski Cup at Winter Park on Jan. 5 to 7. The Colorado Ski Cup is the highest level regional series for skiers older than 16.

Cole Puckett, a Steamboat native and member of the University of Denver ski team, picked up his first ever FIS (International Federation of Skiing) event victory in the slalom race Jan. 5. Meanwhile, his younger brother Cooper Puckett finished fifth, and first among the U19 competitors.

In the women’s race, Helenka Ostaszewski took fourth, while Isabelle Washburn finished sixth in her first race since suffering an injury.

Monday, Jan. 6, also featured slalom races, with Ostaszewski earning seventh, followed by Riley Grosdidier, Isabelle Washburn and Sequoia Anstine, who rounded out the top 10.

Louis Nguyen ended his day in third, earning a spot on the podium.

Steamboat resident and University of Denver skier Cole Puckett won the men’s slalom race on Jan. 5 during the Colorado Ski Cup in Winter Park.
Jon Nolting/Courtesy

The final day was dedicated to giant slalom. Grosdidier placed second, standing on the podium with a pair of University of Colorado skiers. 

Wasburn and Elsie Halvorsen finished seventh and eighth, respectively, in the same race. 

On the men’s side of competition, Trey Seymour earned the highest finish among SSWSC athletes, taking 10th. Cole Puckett finished sixth.

See complete results below.

Wendler, Ryan lead mogul skiers at Winter Park

In December, the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club U17/U19 moguls skiers had their first competition of the season at Winter Park. 

Landon Wendler earned victory in both singles and doubles runs. Maggie Ryan won singles and took second in doubles.

Xander Tatar-Brown had a career-best finish as he earned second among U17 singles competitors. Riley Hodges was fifth overall but won the U19 age group. Anabel Ayad was ninth overall but third at the U15 level. Carina Creamer earned 13th, Ella Walker took 14th and Megan Faherty and Katie McGlafin finished 31st and 35th, respectively. 

Walker also earned eighth in the doubles competition.

Colorado Ski Cup Results:

Jan. 5 Women’s Slalom
1. Kaitlyn Harsch, University of Colorado, 1:25.83
2. Randi von Wichman, Alyeska Ski Club, 1:26.71
3. Andrea Arnold, University of Colorado, 1:26.93
4. Helenka Ostaszewski, SSWSC, 1:28.35
6. Isabelle Washburn, SSWSC, 1:29.09
7. Lauren Geary, SSWSC, 1:29.37
10. Sequoia Anstine, SSWSC, 1:30.07
11. Elsie Halvorsen, SSWSC, 1:30.22
14. Soneva Scott, SSWSC, 1:31.86
15. Emily Craig, SSWSC, 1:32.34
17. Bella Amico, SSWSC, 1:32.72
25. Ryli Adrian, SSWSC, 1:35.54
40. Nicole Nolting, SSWSC, 1:50.60

Jan. 5 Men’s slalom
1. Cole Puckett, University of Denver, 1:24.27
2. Filip Forejtek, University of Colorado, 1:24.91
3. Joey Young, University of Colorado, 1:25.69
4. Jack Lindsay, Colo Mtn College, 1:26.84
5. Cooper Puckett, SSWSC, 1:26.96
7. Trey Seymour, SSWSC, 1:27.04
9. Zack Mikkelson, Colo Mtn College, 1:27.06
10. Cam Owens, SSWSC, 1:27.28
11. Chase Seymour, SSWSC, 1:27.32
13. Matt Smallhouse, SSWSC, 1:27.42
16. Cam Smith, SSWSC, 1:27.60
17. Harrison Goss, Colo Mtn College, 1:27.64
19. Jordan Simon, SSWSC, 1:28.26
23. Peter Dohr, SSWSC, 1:29.33
24. Aiden Mann, SSWSC, 1:29.37
25. Kyle Kagan, SSWSC, 1:29.46
32. Marat Washburn, SSWSC, 1:33.92
40. Connor Crossen, SSWSC, 1:36.12
47. Bode Flanigan, SSWSC, 1:46.49
48. Nick Orfanakis, SSWSC, 1:50.12

Jan. 6 Women’s slalom
1. Stefanie Fleckenstein, University of Colorado, 1:32.33
2. Andrea Arnold, University of Colorado, 1:32.74
3. Kaitlyn Harsch, University of Colorado, 1:32.76
7. Helenka Ostaszewski, SSWSC, 1:35.07
8. Riley Grosdidier, SSWSC, 1:35.42
9. Isabelle Washburn, SSWSC, 1:35.93
10. Sequoia Anstine, SSWSC, 1:36.33
11. Elsie Halvorsen, SSWSC, 1:36.61
12. Soneva Scott, SSWSC, 1:36.94
13. Maggie Sullivan, SSWSC, 1:37.10
15. Jaelie Hovey, SSWSC, 1:37.70
25. Ryli Adrian, SSWSC, 1:40.93
32. Marissa Drobek, SSWSC, 1:45.55
35. Nicole Nolting, SSWSC, 1:47.60
39. Maren Elvidge, SSWSC, 1:50.16

Jan. 6 Men’s slalom
1. Joey Young, University of Colorado, 1:27.96
2. Filip Forejtek, University of Colorado, 1:28.09
3. Louis Nguyen, SSWSC, 1:29.09
6. Jack Lindsay, Colo Mtn College, 1:29.82
7. Zack Mikkelson, Colo Mtn College, 1:29.94
14. Trey Seymour, SSWSC, 1:30.47
15. Bode Flanigan, SSWSC, 1:39.50
16. Sergi Piguillem, Colo Mtn College, 1:30.55
17. Jordan Simon, SSWSC, 1:30.63
19. Cam Smith, SSWSC, 1:30.78
21. Harrison Goss, Colo Mtn College, 1:30.96
23. Colton Sankey, SSWSC, 1:31.61
24. Chase Seymour, SSWSC, 1:31.70
31. Marat Washburn, SSWSC, 1:35.06
32. Aiden Mann, SSWSC, 1:35.15
33. Cole Gedeon, SSWSC, 1:35.21
34. Peter Dohr, SSWSC, 1:35.41
35. Louis Weiner, SSWSC, 1:35.59
36. Matt Smallhouse, SSWSC, 1:35.65
40. Connor Crossen, SSWSC, 1:36.79
45. Jevon Hovey, SSWSC, 1:39.13
55. Nick Orfanakis, SSWSC, 1:44.62
62. Will Russell, SSWSC, 1:47.25

Jan. 7 Women’s giant slalom
1. Stefanie Fleckenstein, University of Colorado, 2:16.04
2. Riley Grosdidier, SSWSC, 2:17.66
3. Emma Hammergaard, University of Colorado, 2:18.46
7. Isabelle Washburn, SSWSC, 2:20.99
8. Elsie Halvorsen, SSWSC, 2:21.12
17. Nicole Nolting, SSWSC, 2:26.35
20. Sequoia Anstine, SSWSC, 2:27.84
22. Emily Craig, SSWSC, 2:28.23
28. Maren Elvidge, SSWSC, 2:34.58

Jan. 7 Men’s giant slalom
1. Colby Lane, Aspen, 2:03.38
2. Filip Forejtek, University of Colorado, 2:03.44
3. Alexander Birkner, University of Colorado, 2:04.18
6. Cole Puckett, University of Denver, 2:04.58
10. Trey Seymour, SSWSC, 2:04.92
11. Cam Owens, SSWSC, 2:04.93
15. Chase Seymour, SSWSC, 2:05.94
16. Bode Flanigan, SSWSC, 2:06.15
17. Cam Smith, SSWSC, 2:06.31
18. Kyle Kagan, SSWSC, 2:06.64
19. Matt Smallhouse, SSWSC, 2:06.92
22. Cole Gedeon, SSWSC, 2:06.96
23. Aiden Mann, SSWSC, 2:06.97
26. Nick Unkovskoy, SSWSC, 2:07.37
29. Louis Nguyen, SSWSC, 2:07.81
31. Colton Sankey, SSWSC, 2:09.40
33. Peter Dohr, SSWSC, 2:10.62
42. Connor Crossen, SSWSC, 2:13.93

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