Spotty rain showers break Steamboat’s dry spell to varying degrees |

Spotty rain showers break Steamboat’s dry spell to varying degrees

The rain event that discriminated among Steamboat neighborhoods the evening of Aug. 31, broke an 11-day dry spell during which only 0.01 inches of precipitation was recorded in the city.

Rainfall amounts close to Steamboat varied widely, from 0.05 inches at a weather station 8 miles  northwest of the city, to 1.45 inches that fell 2.5 miles north of Steamboat.  Oak Creek saw 0.32 inches of rain, and Clark received only .08 inches from the storm.

Weather observer Gina Gmeiner, a member of the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network, reported earlier in the day on Aug. 31 that there had not been significant rain here since Aug. 19.

She said her weather station inside the city limits received 1.04 inches of rain for the entire month, and the bulk of that arrived in a five-day monsoon period Aug. 5 to 9, when she recorded 0.91 inches of rain

"That's better than August 2016," when 0.71 inches were recorded, she said, "but worse than August 2015," when 1.68 inches accumulated with the help  of a one-day total of 0.67 inches.

The National Weather Service reports normal rain accumulation for Steamboat in August is 1.6 inches.

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Weather observers report precipitation for the preceding 24 hours as of 7 a.m. every day, so the Aug. 31 rain will actually show up on the Sept. 1 report and be attributed  to the new month.

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