South Routt teachers earn bonuses |

South Routt teachers earn bonuses

Brent Boyer

For the second consecutive year, South Routt School District teachers will receive a step and base salary bonus totaling $1,200.

The South Routt School Board approved the increases at its meeting last week. The approved salary schedule will bump up base salaries by $500. Teachers also will receive their annual step increase of $700, Superintendent Steve Jones said.

“I think we all agree it’s the right move,” Jones said. “We have pretty good support (on the increases) from our teachers.”

Teachers received a larger increase two years ago, but budget shortfalls have forced the district to tighten its expenditures.

The average teacher salary in the district is $37,500, Jones said, meaning the average salary increase is slightly less than 3 percent. The percentage increase is higher for teachers at the lower end of the salary schedule and lower for those at its higher end.

Three district teachers with 30 or more years of experience will receive only the base increase of $500 next year. The School Board rejected a proposal in February that would have increased the years of experience recognized by the district to 35 instead of 30. Under the proposal, teachers with 30 or more years of experience would have been eligible for step salary increases for five additional years than what’s currently allowed.

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The district’s financial situation was cited as the reason behind the School Board’s vote.