Sensationalizing Cargo
Let’s see. The front page major article says Cargo may face recall. But no one has stepped forward to say she is going to be recalled, except this guy in jail who says he might start a recall petition. No one has come to the Town Board of Oak Creek and said they would like to petition for a recall. How can you put this on the front page? That’s sensationalism.

What is this media mania that Cargo may face recall? You’ve got a whole article in the Thursday Today showing this recall movement is nothing, yet you headline it “Cargo may face recall.” You’re just falling in line with The Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News. There isn’t going to be any recall.

I’d like to express an opinion on your recall headline that Mayor Cargo may be recalled. It just doesn’t say that. The article doesn’t state that anyone will even start a petition to recall her. Your stating that she may be recalled is really pushing it more than you should have.
‘Do the right thing’
Shame on you Dr. Simms for using a management tool to advance an agenda. Shame on you Dr. DeVincentis for extorting the school district and for using your parents and teachers for personal gain. Do not spend another minute of our time or another dollar of our money to fight your personal battle. The best teacher is a good example. The time has come to revisit the virtues and “do the right thing.”
Maybe Dr. D should go
There is no doubt that Strawberry Park Principal John DeVincentis has been good for his school. But has he been good for his school district? There is no doubt in my mind that Cyndy Simms has been good for the district. As much as Dr. D has enjoyed success at his school, Dr. Simms has enjoyed success in the district. I hope they both stay. But if one has to go, it should be Dr. D. He is the one saying he can’t work for the superintendent and the board.
Dr. D should stay
Everyone has been saying, myself included, that our kids attend Strawberry Park because Dr. D is the principal and we want it to stay that way. I began to feel a little selfish saying we wanted Dr. D to stay at our school because he is such an awesome principal. I want the best for my kids. Maybe that’s selfish. I realize that it’s not just about wanting Dr. D running the school that all my children will ultimately complete. I’m more upset about what he is going through now after being such a wonderful, caring and completely devoted principal to all our children fro so many years. He does not deserve this. I want Dr. D to stay at Strawberry Park, not just because I want him to be there for my children, but because he wants to be there for my children.
Why paint the field?
I would like to know why the facilities director had to paint the football field indicating the sprinkler heads during the events for homecoming. Why on earth would you make the field ugly when we have so many events going on that field?
Flip crossword, cartoon
I have a suggestion for the Today to switch the daily crossword with the Close to Home cartoon. Put the crossword on the bottom and the cartoon on the top. It would be much easier to handle when working the crossword.
Chamber packed question
I wouldn’t pay too much attention to this week’s question. The Chamber Resort Association has all its supporters pack the poll with “Yes” votes, while the rest of us go on in apathy. Same thing happened months ago with the Steamboat Airport question. If the chamber hasn’t been able to market Steamboat effectively with the money it already has, tell us: How will a paltry $50,000 help? I know it would have helped the Tread of Pioneers for another year and a half or so. It doesn’t seem to make sense to increase marketing when we are going to decrease snow removal. So we are going to have more tourists in town driving around in snow-covered roads. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I think they should reinstate the snow removal to keep the tourists safe.
Disagree with funding
No, I do not agree with the funding increase the City Council gave the chamber. This is further proof that the City Council and the chamber are in bed together.

The increase of funding that the City Council gave to the chamber just goes to prove that City Council is not serious about affordable housing. The chamber subsidizes the tourism business and tourism markets housing. Local workers have to compete with tourists for housing. If the City Council was serious about doing something about affordable housing, council members would cut the budget for the chamber and cut down on marketing Steamboat as a tourist attraction.

I do not agree with the City Council giving the chamber more of our money. I think the Chamber of Commerce has ruined Steamboat Springs and Routt County by giving any group who wants to come here with money carte blanche to our town.
Agree with funding
I support and agree with the funding the City Council gave to the chamber.
Don’t ignore issue
I’d like to comment on Referendum 2C. For years I have worked hard and modestly invested in real estate. I own property in the Steamboat II Metro Water District, the Mount Werner Water District and also in downtown Steamboat Springs. That puts me in a unique position and gives me much more than a passing interest in Referendum 2C. My interest, I am afraid, eclipsed any attention our City Council paid to this issue. After reading the 20 or so pages of this agreement I was awestruck and dumfounded that something like this could ever wind up on a ballot. In closing, I’d like to remind council that the word ignorant has nothing to do with one’s ability to comprehend but one’s willingness to comprehend. Now it’s up to us, the voting public, to cover their butts and not ignore this issue just like council members did.

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