Soundoff for Sept. 12 |

Soundoff for Sept. 12

County letter responses

I have read the county’s statement justifying its position on the future of the courthouse. It was so long it took three editions of this week’s Pilot & Today to reprint it. Frankly, it looks like a lot of over-explanation, even rationalization. What’s wrong here? As Shakespeare said, “Methinks they doth protest too much!”

Our country commissioners appear to have reinvented the process of addition in the judicial facility costs they published this week. They forgot to include the costs (just a couple of million dollars) of purchasing two lots of property (one downtown and one on the west side) and paying two architects’ fees (one for downtown and one for the west side). Their numbers would look a lot less attractive for their argument if they would only include all the facts.

The last paragraph of the county commissioners’ recent letter to the City Council members sounds like something from the former Soviet Union, where the bureaucrats (not elected officials) ran the county. The letter says, “we want to assure (the City Council) that we have not and will not use our disagreement regarding the justice center location as ‘retribution’ when making any other decisions.” Are the commissioners kidding? Retribution (and even promising not to be retributive) are not part of protecting the public interest. Should we be looking into this more closely?

Once again, the bottom-line syndrome is raising its voice. The stores and shops are afraid they’ll lose business if the justice center is moved out of downtown. But the county business isn’t going anywhere; it will still be conducted in the courthouse. I contend there is another reason there are a few loud voices clamoring to keep the justice center downtown: The lawyers want a choice of restaurants to go to for lunch.

Thanks, officers

I want to give a big thanks to the Oak Creek Police Department; they receive a lot of negative publicity. I had to go out of town for a few weeks and asked them to look after my property. They did a great job and, in a rainstorm, even closed a window from the outside that I’d neglected to close. They did a great job and gave me peace of mind.

Great initiative

The Sunday business article was great on the initiative of Jamie McQuade and Charlie Noble. Rather than sitting back and whining about affordable housing, they’re taking a risk and building a future for themselves here. I hope they are prepared for their peers, who are not as able, to be angry when they succeed.

Vote Libertarian

Your question of the week assumes that I have to vote for the lesser of two evils. I chose to vote for real change: Richard Randall, Libertarian for Colorado Senate.

Too much press

I’ve noticed your newspaper gives a lot of free advertising to the activities at the Buddhist Center. I’ve noticed that all the other religious organizations pay for advertising for their events. It’s unusual that other religious organization and nonprofits have to pay, and one group gets so much free press. That’s something in your policy you ought to discuss.

Where’s the firehouse?

As the mother of four children in the South Routt School District, I’d like to know where the firehouse is. We voted for the mill levy, and we were promised over and over that construction was going to begin. Nothing’s been done and we really need a firehouse out here in the Stagecoach area, which is growing and growing.

Salazar is in touch

I will probably vote for John Salazar, as he is in touch with Western Colorado.

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