Soundoff for Nov. 7 |

Soundoff for Nov. 7

Oak Creek roads

I’m very confused. The Oak Creek ice skating rink is going to outlast the residents and children of Oak Creek. It will outlast us because no one will be able to get to it because the streets are in horrendous condition. Shouldn’t that be addressed before the ice rink?

Permits, shmermits

I personally love a free country, and I love a town that lets you build what you want without getting building permits. You can just get them later. I love living in Oak Creek because of this. You can do anything you want and just get your permit later.

Suzanne Fields offensive

I found Suzanne Fields column Thursday incredibly offensive. Her gloating, up-yours attitude is just what we don’t need now. Almost half of the voters — that’s more than 55 million people — did not vote for Bush, and they had very good reasons. If there is going to be healing and pulling together, printing this kind of trash is not going to help. Couldn’t you find a pro-Bush writer who’s better than that?

Taking down signs

I left my home in Clark on Wednesday morning, knowing I needed to stop and take down my political signs before I went to Steamboat. They were gone, much to my surprise. As I drove down the Elk River Road and then back to Clark later, I noticed that all Democratic signs were gone and many Republican signs were still in place. Now tell me, who is more concerned about environmental pollution? This spoke volumes to me about who really cares. My hat is off to whomever it was who chose to take responsibility to remove them.

Liberal media loses

I feel sad for all the Democrats who are in mourning because their guy, John Kerry, didn’t win even though all of the media, including the Pilot & Today, told them they were going to win. It must be hard for the liberal media to hold their heads up after being so wrong twice in a row. Get your heads out of the sand. President Bush is the right man to lead this country and most people, as the election proves, know it.

Glad election over

I am so glad that the election is over. Now, I can see real commercials again.

Democrats don’t get it

The Democrats don’t get it, and they never have. Most people don’t want affirmative action, abortion and gay marriages. Most people support the president in Iraq. You Democrats just think President Bush is dumb and that everyone around him is a war mongering crazy person. But you Democrats don’t get it. We don’t want you running our country. We don’t trust you. That’s why the liberals always lose, and that’s why they always will.

Protecting Stagecoach

Stupid, stupid, stupid that is what I say about commercial development in Stagecoach. Give me a break. The residents can’t drive five miles to Oak Creek and support the business district there? It is one thing to have fuel pumps and mailboxes and another to have a full commercial strip.This is not helping economic development in South Routt. In fact, it will be the downfall for the already struggling business in our existing small towns.

Proud of students

I just wanted to say that I am proud of the students on the front of the Sunday (Oct. 24) newspaper, and proud of the Pilot & Today for running the story. I am a gay member of this community and while I am not in the closet, I sometimes have to watch how open I am about things. I would like to hope that most people in Steamboat would be accepting, but I know from first-hand experience that not everyone is. We all know Steamboat is a great place, but I think we also realize it is not a very diverse place. Most of the gay people I know in this town are in the closet or at least very secretive about it. There are a lot of us out there, and maybe the courage of these students can help more people live life more freely and openly.

Only half the votes

Just remember, Bush received a little over half of this country’s votes. That, to me, means that the other half of this country does not believe in him or his ways. That is pretty pathetic for a returning president. I certainly hope he can stand by his word and turn this country around, get this war over with, and bring our soldiers home where they belong. I for one will be very afraid during the next four years. Lord help us all.

Full-day kindergarten

I think it is time for our school district to consider full-day kindergarten. If child care is such a burden for our working parents, why not provide all-day kindergarten to help address that burden? We are able to start a girls softball team at the high school, and we were able to spend money to remodel the district administration building. So why aren’t we talking about full-day kindergarten? Perhaps this is something that my half-cent sales tax funds could be used to provide. I wonder why this has not been done yet.

Likes Dave Barry

I think it is great that the Steamboat Pilot & Today added Dave Barry and the other columnists to the Style section. It’s much better now.

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