Soundoff for Jan. 29 |

Soundoff for Jan. 29

No to Bible course

The Bible course is an attempt to bring religion into the classroom. Religion has been the root course of more wars than anything else in this world. We do not need this intrusion into our academic studies in Steamboat. Let’s concentrate on the three R’s. As a homeowner, I would object to the use of my taxes for this suggested change in our schools courses.

— Chuck Abbott

I do not wish for my children to be offered an elective Bible course in public school. I think it’s one group’s interpretation of the Bible. Not everyone has the same belief system. Not everyone interprets the Bible in the same way. If you want your child to have a parochial education, you can send them to Christian Heritage School.

I’m a Christian, but I do not believe we should teach the Bible in any form in a public school. There should be a complete separation between the church and state. If students wish to learn about the Bible, they can do so at home, at church, or they can go to the Christian Heritage School.

Additionally, who is this group that is supporting this effort to have the Bible taught in the public school? What is this organization out of Greensboro, N.C.? My guess is it’s some right-wing, ultra-conservative, ultra-religious Bible group that wants to introduce this into a public school in the guise of being literature. I adamantly oppose this being taught in our public school.

Improve parking

The parking situation downtown never ceases to amaze and befuddle me. It’s bad enough that the driving of locals and tourists is reprehensible, but what I don’t understand is the diagonal parking on the cross streets between Yampa, Lincoln, and Oak. It’s just bad design, and it is unsafe. Ever try to ease out of one of the alleys?

City Council needs to look at not attempting to put more parking downtown but rather to make what is there workable. Sure you can cram more vehicles in on a diagonal, but it makes for a narrower street as well as dangerous access and egress from the alleys that parallel Lincoln Avenue. Just pack ’em in. How about reducing the parking mess by decreasing the number of parking spots available and change the diagonal parking to parallel parking?

It’s up to snowmobilers

Wow, and snowmobiles crossing the highway is a problem? As far as I know, snowmobiles are not allowed on the highway, and if they must cross, then it is up to the snowmobiler to look before crossing instead of ruining some legal driver’s day.

Tennis center outrage

$28,000 more for the tennis center? It’s an outrage. It seems like the elite are just paying for their own tennis and profiting from people’s tax dollars. In addition, what about helping the kids? What about a skate park? I thought it was all about the kids.

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