Soundoff for Jan. 2 |

Soundoff for Jan. 2

Analogy ludicrous

The analogy comparing the URA to letting your house get rundown and then asking the HOA for help is ludicrous. The caller is completely out of touch with reality. It’s very simple — without a vibrant ski mountain and base area, Steamboat Springs would become another Craig, Hayden, Walden or Oak Creek. Steamboat Springs has the opportunity to truly become world class. Think progressively and quit being an obstructionist.

Filthy, degrading ad

The advertisement you ran in the Today a week or so ago for Levelz was the filthiest and most degrading ad I’ve ever seen in your paper. It pictured the lower half of scantily-clad young women behind a group of young men. A great many of us moved to Steamboat to get away from the sleaze of life in the big cities, so it was a huge disappointment to see that your judgment had sunk to that level. I will never again bother to read your rag.

Discuss justice center

Yes, it is time for the county to reopen discussion about building the new justice center downtown. Yes.

Gart an ugly building

What I would like to know is who approved the architectural design of the Gart Sports building? I have no problem with Gart Sports, Walgreens or any other large retailer coming into Steamboat Springs. But why don’t they design their buildings to fit into the Steamboat atmosphere? Gart is an awfully ugly building, and I often wonder if it is finished every time I drive by.

The picture in the Sunday Pilot & Today of the Gart Sports store looks like cardboard boxes piled on top of each other. Who in the world approved this architecture? Was the planning department asleep or out of town when this design was OK’d? You only have one chance to make a good impression. Ski Haus and Ski and Bike Kare made good first impressions with their new buildings. But these new buildings? Ugggh.

Friends actually enemies

Who would have thought the Friends of the Justice Center are in realty the enemies of the justice center? This group put out a form letter and then had its members sign the letter and forward it to the Corps of Engineers. The justice center belongs next to the jail, which is exactly what Park City, Utah, did, and its downtown has not suffered. No need to support our commissioners to take on the Corps of Engineers. Our re-election of Commissioners Monger and Stahoviak shows we support them.

No more discussion

No, it’s not time to reopen discussion about building the justice center downtown. That is a more expensive, inappropriate site. It is time for the city to re-open discussions with the county to find an appropriate, mutually agreeable site. Downtown is not going to work.

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