Soundoff for Aug. 8 |

Soundoff for Aug. 8

No-brainer on president

Voting for Bush or Kerry is a no-brainer. As they say, Bush is but a heartbeat away from being president. He could not testify at the Senate hearing without Cheney at his side, nor could he read the prepared script the other day when signing the defense spending bill without messing it up and not even realizing that he did. Thus, the question should be: Would you for vote for Cheney or Kerry. I would and will cast my vote for Kerry.

Happy to buy out of town

Seepage, leakage or whatever they call it, I am darn proud of it. I hit Home Depot in Avon and Target in Silverthorne all in one day. I picked up everything I possibly needed for my condo remodel plus inexpensive, quality clothing, bed and bath stuff, and everything else. I am tired of Steamboat’s zero selection and high prices. Sorry, but I can’t afford a $75 designer shirt “on sale” when there’s The Gap, an hour and a half away. … But many thanks to the businesses who offer locals’ discounts.

Too many piles of poop

Early this week, I decided to have lunch with my family, a quick picnic by Fetcher Pond, at one of several tables around the cottonwoods there. As we sat down to have our lunch, we were knocked over by the smell of the dog land mines. It must have been a sight to see me and my family trying to drag one of those heavy picnic tables around, desperately trying to find a spot somewhere in the shade, but there were just too many piles of poop. We settled for a location in the blazing sun. When will the dog owners get it? If a dog poops in the park and no one sees it, did it really happen? Please have some courtesy and clean up after your dogs! Our local parks stink.

Over Triple Crown

Enough already! Who else is totally over Triple Crown? Three full weeks of our streets, stores, trails and everything else being packed with big-city baseball players has sent me over the edge. It’s not just Friday through Sunday anymore. Now they stream in on Monday and don’t leave until Sunday. The Pilot had a story containing interviews with store owners. How about a story with residents voicing their views on Triple Crown? Triple Crown needs to be either limited or eliminated.

Not Bush or Kerry

If the election were held today, I wouldn’t vote for George Bush nor John Kerry. I would vote for Michael Badnarik, the Libertarian candidate for president. I think either Bush or Kerry are just more of the same kind of politician we’ve been getting, which isn’t what we need. I believe Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian party is the only rational choice.

Not neutral newspaper

I noticed that you run Mallard Fillmore in the ViewPoints every day. It’s right-wing leaning and slashing Kerry every day. I’d like to think that my newspaper is neutral, but I guess that’s a thing of the past.

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