Soundoff for Aug. 1 |

Soundoff for Aug. 1

Town and county

So let me get this straight. Candidates for county commissioner told Hayden residents this week that the city should not dictate where the justice center goes. So does that mean that Hayden residents and the town of Hayden should have no say in where the county locates a new County Fairgrounds building or any other county-owned facility? I don’t think so. And I don’t think Hayden residents would take too kindly to Steamboat residents, or any other county residents, telling them where that county facility ought to go in Hayden.

Sills is wrong

Ron Sills takes Nancy Stahoviak to task for not resigning because of her illness. Ron Sills is just Mark Marchus’ mouthpiece, and both are just being nasty. Our community should applaud Ms. Stahoviak and her willingness to continue to serve us. What a loss it would have been to the braintrust of the local, regional and state communities if she had resigned. You go girl!

Paper too conservative

I am through with your newspaper. You run Mallard Fillmore. You endorsed the war in Iraq. You constantly support the chamber and big business. And the straw that broke my back? You started running columns by Michael Reagan. Do you really think people believe you’re impartial when you run a column by the son of a Republican president? It is because of newspapers like yours that George Bush is president. I will not read your newspaper again.

A powerful movie

I did see “Fahrenheit 9/11.” I think it is one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen and the image of President Bush sitting in a classroom reading a story about a goat while the twin towers were burning will stay with me.

Keep the siren

I’d like to compliment Tracey and the Main Street Project about the noon whistle, but that is an air raid siren and should stay sounding as an air raid siren in case something happens.

Beautiful parks

I would like to comment on the beauty of your downtown parks. My husband and I have been coming for a number of years, and during the past two or three years we have seen how they have immensely improved. The grass, flowers and shrubs are just beautiful.

Presidential lightweight

I saw the Michael Moore movie the second day it was here, and I intend to buy the DVD when it comes out because I think it’s historically significant. It shows President Bush for who he is — an intellectual lightweight.

Allow more time

Shame on the School Board for the tactics they used to take Bill Padgett’s land and home away from him. If Soda Creek parents would have been more patient and less inconvenienced by using the loop, perhaps Bill would be able to stay in his home.

Stop fireworks

A month has passed since the Fourth of July and it is time that the firecrackers stop. When one has animals which are afraid of that particular noise, three weeks is a long time. Please — next year instead of purchasing firecrackers, just burn the $20 bill — a lot less noise.

Great movie, country

Both my husband and I saw Fahrenheit 9/11. I have two comments: One, it was a great film, and two, it’s a great country in which a film like this is seen before a national election.

Thanks commissioners

Based upon what has happened to areas of our neighboring state of Utah regarding R.S. 2477 Rights-Of-Way claims, I believe that our county commissioners have done an excellent job for all of us in Routt County by passing the Resolution about R.S. 2477. I hate to think what some areas of the state would come up with if this is not properly controlled in a fair manner as proposed by our Commissioners. I hope you can give them the credit they deserve.

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