Sound Off: Readers offer their views |

Sound Off: Readers offer their views

‘No’ to Montessori school
I’m calling about the Montessori school. I’m a concerned public school parent and I believe a public Montessori school does not belong under the same roof as Steamboat’s public elementary schools. Much effort by parents, teachers and administrative staff has been put into these schools to create a culture of success. As a result, Soda Creek and Strawberry Park are two of the best in the state. The Montessori school in the elementary schools will take up much-needed space, will result in less music, P.E., computer and art time for our kids. It will create a caste system within the schools and result in an unfair ratio of students to teachers. This will demoralize the staff and destroy all this community has worked to build. If those parents desire a public Montessori school, then they should create a charter school that stands on its own under its own roof. If they don’t want to do that, then they should keep it private.

About the Montessori school: I think it’s one of the silliest ideas I have ever heard. We can’t just keep creating more and more kinds of schools. We have to do what’s in the best interest of everyone involved. In my mind, the Montessori parents could care less about the rest of us. They just want us to pay for their program. What if I think Montessori is dumb? Should I have to pay for it?

I’m a parent of two public school children in Steamboat Springs. I do not think that the Montessori school should be located in the same public school building. I understand that the parents and children of the private Montessori school have a lot to gain from this arrangement reduced or no tuition, sharing of resources and a building where children are already being taught in classrooms located in trailers. What does the public school have to gain. In my opinion, nothing. There will be less classrooms, resulting in bigger class sizes for our non-Montessori students. Our students will also have less time for P.E., art and music There will be two different teaching philosophies at work in public schools that are already two of the best. Where will it end? What about locating additional alternative schools such as Waldorf, Sudbury Valley, School of Living or Circle Schools under one roof. I say “no” to locating a Montessori school in our public schools. Go charter or stay private.
Missing viewpoints
I’d just like to comment on Ms. Harrelson’s reporting, and the fact that there was not a quote from 64 percent of the community who voted for Cargo Rodeman. I agree with the letter writer in the newspaper that Ms. Harrelson should go back to school and learn to be a reporter. She is sloppy.
Good reporting
It is pretty amazing that the Pilot & Today is taking heat for printing the truth about Cargo Rodeman. She is the one who got arrested. It’s her record. If she didn’t want it to come out, she should not have run for mayor. Don’t blame the newspaper for that. I thought Danie Harrelson’s story was good. I hope she writes more.
Impact fee debate
Developers should pay the impact fees. They are the ones who are building the monster homes. Let them pay for it. Let them do this so I don’t have to pay for the infrastructure in this town to be increased.

The impact fees would be a moot point if the city relied on property tax instead of a sales tax. Personally, I’m ready for a tax break.

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