Sound off: July 16 |

Sound off: July 16

Doesn’t belong here

I wish the stories about the Rainbow Family in the Pilot & Today did not whitewash some of the realities about these people. Yes, there are many very nice, responsible members of this group, and the majority is probably pretty OK, but has anyone from the newspaper bothered to ask the hotel and restaurant workers about their experiences with Rainbow members? The trash they were supposed to take out of their camp ended up in the hotels and who knows where else. Do you know how many times they stiffed restaurants during this past week?

What is the purpose of this gathering? Peace and love? Back to nature? Who’s kidding whom here? This is such nonsense. It’s simply an excuse for a gigantic party full of drugs and irresponsibility. It does not belong in our beautiful forests or in our town.

Thanks, law enforcement

The people who feel law enforcement was excessive at the Rainbow Family encampment and that the entire week was a “non-event” may be completely missing a key point. Perhaps there were very few “incidents” because the Forest Service, deputies and state troopers were on top of things. My thanks go to them. I’m sure few of them had a fun-filled Fourth of July with their families. Also, one has to wonder if there have been other problems that we haven’t heard about, such as the one reported with the rental car.

How ’bout North Routt?

I would be interested to know how many of the 40-some percent who would welcome the Rainbow Gathering back to Routt County actually live in North Routt? It’s easy to be accepting when it’s not in your backyard, as is the case with the Greeley man whose letter was published in the July 12 paper.

Shame on Chamber

Shame on the Chamber for taking the “Rainbow” out of the 23rd annual Rainbow Weekend. Shame on its name being changed to the “Balloon Rodeo weekend” just to be sure not to invite the Rainbow Family members. Get real — the events should be for everyone, not just for people like you.

Oak Creek is broke

The rumors in Oak Creek are flying once again. No matter where I go I hear the same thing…the town of Oak Creek is broke. I hope someone investigates these rumors and/or the Town Board publicly addresses the truth of the matter. The Town Board members and the mayor have forfeited their paychecks, the code enforcement officer has quit and will not be replaced due to lack of funds and the restricted funds have been illegally used for alternate purposes. It would be nice if the financial condition of Oak Creek were to be explained to the residents before the big event of publicly accepting the huge USDA grant. It could prove embarrassing if these accusations were to be made in front of the U.S. and state representatives here for the big check presentation.

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