Sound Off for Sept. 21, 2003 |

Sound Off for Sept. 21, 2003

Wrong book title

I’d just like to say how disappointing your article on Literary Sojourn was. Autumn Phillips did not get Maxine Hong Kingston’s book title correct and I’m wondering if you have an editor or not.

McInnis in Washington

I think Scott McInnis would make an excellent governor, but I think he would be more effective for the people of Colorado at the Washington level. He’s a fantastic person.

No McInnis for governor

Scott McInnis would make a terrible, awful governor. He should never be governor.

Charter school numbers

Did I read Brent Boyer’s article about the Montessori issue in Thursday’s Today correctly? He states, “The most the charter school will cost the district in its first year of operation is $208,926, or 22 percent of the money given to the district by the state, according to the motion.”

According to the school district, we have 1,920 students in the district. Why would the community want to give 22 percent of the state funds to the new charter school, unless they are planning to enroll 22 percent of the student population (422 students)?

By my take on the numbers, the educational issues, and the current success of our public schools, Montessori would make a great private school alternative to those few families looking for that methodology.

Spotlight gripe

I have a minor gripe about the Routt County Spotlight. I think that it should be about residents who have lived here for an extended period of time, not for one month like last week’s spotlight. There are many fine people who have lived in Routt County for decades that I would love to learn about.

Nasty-grams not true

I’d like to let the rest of Routt County in on a little secret that everyone in Oak Creek knows: Those nasty-grams that appear regularly in Sound Off, they’re all the work of a few small-minded, vindictive people who believe in undermining the landslide election of Mayor Cargo Rodeman. They’re mostly sheer fantasy: Garbage turning color in the streets of Oak Creek? Come see for yourself. Code enforcement on a long summer nap? Oak Creek codes have never been so vigorously and fairly enforced.

On duty football?

I’d like to comment on the recent picture of the Oak Creek police officer playing football on the field with the Oak Creek football team. I appreciate that he likes to play football, but he’s obviously on duty wearing his uniform. And at that hour, I’m a mother of four children, a taxpayer for 30 years in South Routt, I’d much prefer that he’d be watching the streets and businesses and keeping an eye on the other children that are out and about instead of playing football. This is just unacceptable, as a taxpayer, that he is spending time playing football instead of patrolling the streets.

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