Sound Off for Oct. 9 |

Sound Off for Oct. 9

Underage drinking

The only drinking problem we have is when our parents’ stash runs out, then we have to find someone else to buy us our goods.

I do not think there’s a problem with underage drinking in Steamboat. I think there’s a problem with irresponsible parenting. The decision to drink while underage is largely influenced by the values being learned or not at home. That any parent would try to blame a business owner or an of-age person who may have purchased alcohol is absurd. There will always be a way for teens to get alcohol if they want it. The fact is, until more parents step up to the plate and recognize their responsibility in this, the number of kids drinking underage will remain the same.

I think all of Routt County has an underage drinking problem, not just Steamboat.

Harbor Hotel

It will be a shame if that monstrous building pictured in the paper is allowed on the Harbor Hotel site. The charm of downtown Steamboat Springs, the real Steamboat, is the uniqueness and individuality of its buildings and home. This building, as pictured, will dwarf any other buildings on Main Street. Just today, a visitor to the museum reflected on the time they stayed at the Harbor on July 4, 1962. They remembered it so well. Downtown doesn’t have to worry about Whitney Ward’s Wildhorse Meadows. Those buildings are so unattractive and stark, they aren’t at all inviting.

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Bus driver shortage

In relation to the article about the city seeking bus drivers, my comment is that for $12.61 an hour, they are going to have a very hard time finding qualified applicants and people who want to do it when the average construction worker job in Steamboat is anywhere from $12 to $20 an hour. Bus drivers are held to a pretty high standard and have to have pre-employment drug screening and all that kind of stuff.

No love for South Routt

I would like to know why the Oak Creek Labor Day celebration was not put it in the paper. The Steamboat Pilot’s reporter and cameraperson was down here during the whole celebration, taking pictures of everything, but nothing was put in the paper whatsoever about Oak Creek except Jake Swann’s 83-year-old skydive. I would like to know who paid her wages on the overtime she spent down here and how come South Routt is always ignored.

Loomis right choice

Michael Loomis has been a school district board member for the last two years. During that time, he has demonstrated support for the education of all students and support for teachers. He is a parent and understands parent issues, and he understands the business perspective.