Sound Off for Oct. 6 |

Sound Off for Oct. 6

Yes, Scott Stanford, I find it quite amusing that you are looking for a little sympathy because people are picking on you and saying false, mean hateful things about you even though that’s exactly what you did to Oak Creek Mayor Cargo Rodeman, based on your statements that were false perceptions rather than reality. By golly, what goes around comes around, and I guess it’s your turn. I hope you can quit your hatefulness and maybe that will be a lesson to you that you should know what you are talking about before you open your mouth.

It’s great that Great Outdoors Colorado gave us money and we finally finished the Core Trail at the end of town. But how come the rest of the core trial where everybody actually drives over on Walton Creek Road is now defunct. I’d like to see a solution to that.

Is anyone else feeling as disappointed and deflated by the approval of Elkins Meadow for development? Whether the developer is a good one or not, we’re choosing high-end luxury second homes over open space, wetlands and wildlife. Believe it or not there are other municipalities in the country that have learned from their mistakes and do more to protect their most important resources. Perhaps our government needs to redefine its philosophies and priorities. That meadow was a great loss to the community.

I vote to keep the bus schedule the way it is. A lot of people use the bus to go to work in the morning and get home at night. Don’t shorten the schedule.

I’m against policy governance. It’s a joke in our school district.

While I realize you have space limitations I don’t think in a Sound Off section you should change the wording from the way it was written or add words or delete sentences in the middle of comments. I don’t think that represents the true vision of the person who was writing or speaking.

I’m responding to the question about the school board’s policy governance system. I am against the system the way that it works in comparison to the way it was described is not reality. It does not work the way it was stated in the newspaper. As an employee of the school district the fact that I can’t talk to the school board present a big a problem. The superintendent is accountable only to the school board yet employees can’t give feedback on the superintendent to the school board. It’s not just a very good system to govern a school.

I was calling about policy governance. I am definitely against it. Paul Fisher’s explanation of how policy governance works may be a theoretical explanation but it’s not the practical application of how it is being used in the school district at this time. It’s a farce and it’s not good for kids.

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