Sound Off for Oct. 5 |

Sound Off for Oct. 5

Fund-raiser attendance

I would like to comment on the attendance at the Routt County Search and Rescue fund-raiser Sept. 30 at the Bear River Bar and Grill. I think it is commendable the amount of support this organization receives. We are very fortunate to have these people in our community. We will especially be thankful if we are subjects of their response.

System not for public

The performance-based pay system under development for the Steamboat Springs School District may work quite effectively in the private sector, where increased performance results in increased profits, which results in additional money to pay employees. However, in the public sector this system of pay will not work. On a fixed budget set by the state, we can have only a pre-determined percentage of high performing teachers reap the benefits of such a pay system. In a district with such high performing teachers as ours, we will actually lose quality teachers rather than retain them, because some of these high performing teachers will have to be evaluated lower than their actual performance to meet budget requirements. This is not fair. Once the chosen few reach the higher salaries offered by this proposed system, how does a new teacher, under the budget constraints of a public school system, ever reach this upper echelon? If I were a teacher looking at this district for employment, and I was aware of this pay system, I would look elsewhere, because it seems that there would be little future for me here. It is a nice thought, but it just won’t work, particularly when public schools are under increasing financial pressures.

Padgett deserves land

I would like to just say shame on the Steamboat Springs School Board for forcing Bill Padgett off his land.

Spend money on visitors

I am calling in regard to the Triple Crown question. I don’t think we should support Triple Crown. The amount of money Triple Crown spends here isn’t enough to spend more money on them. Why don’t we spend our money to attract visitors who will respect our area?

Junkyards needed

Tom Kohl provides a needed service and likes to give people a good deal. Why should that be considered a crime? The county should help him expand his salvage yard and put a fence around it so that people in Oak Creek can have a place to recycle their junk and old cars. Instead, our county commissioners have harassed this man, depriving him of his business and property. That’s the real crime.

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