Sound Off for Oct. 30 |

Sound Off for Oct. 30

Kidd no thief

Billy Kidd is no thief. It could have been handled differently. We’ve been here a long time, before many of you people from the Pilot and everywhere else. Please do your investigative reporting first. This used to be a small town. It still is. Please keep that in mind. We used to have integrity and respect for each other. Let’s put things in perspective and don’t print incriminating material that publicly humiliates longtime residents.

‘No’ on Horizons

I’m voting “no” on the Horizons question. I feel that programs like Horizons should be state-funded so there’s equal opportunity in all Colorado counties for dignified services for people.

Ad out of line

This relates to the ad run by the Yampa Valley Construction Trades Association in support of the developers for Bud Romberg, Nancy Kramer, Loui Antonucci and Kevin Kaminski. They urged people to vote for those folks to “preserve and improve Steamboat’s quality of life.” How hypocritical. Their interest is build, build, build. I suggest that’s not in line with preserving and improving Steamboat’s quality of life.

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‘Yes’ for Horizons

Yes, I plan to vote in favor of the Horizons question.

When referendum 1B passes it will allow extra funding for other nonprofit organization from the community dollars. This alone should be an incentive to vote “yes” on 1B.

I’m voting “yes” on 1B to help county residents with mental retardation. I know people who have a loved one with mental retardation with no hope of anyone to care for that person when they no longer can. The stories of what life is like taking care of a person with special needs makes me know how hard this life can be. Having a child with a disabilty could happen to anyone. A “yes” vote is the right thing to do.

Water meters

I wonder why the Oak Creek mayor isn’t more familiar with the previous ordinances that were passed by the previous boards pertaining to water meters in Oak Creek. Maybe if she read the ordinances she would know that she was supposed to have those water meters in by this fall.

Giving thanks

I want to thank Northwest Data Services for fixing the broken hinge on my laptop in a couple of hours. You guys got me back in business in record time. Awesome!

Teachers are whiners

Do teachers ever stop whining? There is never enough meeting time, aides, time off, salary, appreciation, benefits, space, supplies or trust. The only thing they don’t want more of are students. They want and have a raise. They don’t want anyone else to have one. Try working somewhere else in town and see what you get.