Sound off for Oct. 23 |

Sound off for Oct. 23

Voting bloc

I have lived in the Yampa Valley for 10 years but not in the city of Steamboat Springs I have read about the City Council and their activities with great interest for all that time. One observation has become very clear and that is that there is a majority voting bloc that continually votes with the Chamber interests in mind. So much so that they should adopt the motto “Of the Chamber, By the Chamber, and For the Chamber.” Just look at the record of votes and actions.

Library crowded

We have an incredible library, but we have way outgrown our library space. Our library is a reflection of the people who live in our community. We have a very educated and inspired population who want to learn and have access to the world around us. The library reaches everyone in our community, young and old. It should be the center of our community. Support the library referendums.

Support for library

I absolutely support the expansion of the Bud Werner Memorial Library. There is no more important legacy that we leave our children than that of an education. Libraries are one of the last, if not the last, beacons of objective education in the world today. With the advent of the Internet and other forms of subjective and passive media, i.e. television, video games, music, our children are in great danger of becoming indoctrinated by fanatical dogma. Our current world is fraught with violence and destruction as the current administration and sensationalist media would have us believe. The only defense against this constant bombardment are the institutions that those who came before us had the foresight to preserve. Libraries, schools, theaters, and other open forums for education and discussion are what truly keep our local communities strong. As a local parent and Steamboat resident I would urge everyone to consider our youth and do the right thing. Vote yes for the library.

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Everybody uses it

Everybody in Steamboat uses the library. The kids programs are wonderful, but the space is so cramped the kids are practically sitting on each others’ laps, and the moms don’t have a place to go so their noise distracts from the programming. More space is definitely needed.

Give Bud a break

Someone using the name “Citizens for a Better Council” is running negative campaign ads against Bud Romberg. If they are local people certainly they know the information is misleading at best. Who are they? Why can’t they give their real names? Bud has been a beloved teacher and public servant in Steamboat for more than 40 years, but he is not a politician. It appears his opponents are politicians who have a lot to learn about this town.

No more Bud

This Bud’s not for you. All Buds have an expiration date, so don’t bring him back. All Bud can do is list people who support him, which leaves me to wonder what he owes them. That cannot lead to good governance for the majority.

Vermont ties

Is the Anderson running for City Council the same person who sued the county? Do we really need a guy from Vermont running the city?

Don’t wreck library

Everyone loves our library the way it is. Why would we pay to wreck it? I’m confused about why the existing Community Center cannot be integrated into an addition. Why can’t it be attached with a breezeway? It’s a waste to take a functional building to the dump, just so that the existing library can become a “Presentation Space” with an inadequate kitchen. How does a triangular building with a curved glass wall relate to books and stacks? Last I knew, books and stacks were rectangular. The plan looks like half of a building for twice the price. Maybe efficiency is not a goal here. I love the library, as you know. This is just not the way I’d like it to grow. That is why I am voting no.

No negatives

Yes, I support the Library expansion. Quite frankly, I can’t think of a negative side to this one.

Funny ad

I want to thank Colorado Group Realty for the great laugh last Friday. An ad for a future development downtown started with “Anticipation” and ended with the tag line “dedicated to preserving the downtown experience.” Now someone in that group must have a great sense of humor. All that I’ve seen from this company is a stron g desire to destroy the experience we know and love, while profiting greatly from the loss of what we hold dear.

Need library

Forget about the focus on the courthouse, the Bud Werner Library is really where this community comes together. We need it and I support it.

A thing of beauty

The proposed new library is a thing of beauty and it makes me very proud of the community.

Expansion needed

The library needs this expansion badly. The staff is incredible about making everything look good, but they are out of space. They are so out of room. Please vote yes.

Our greatest asset

How could one not support the expansion of the library? It is the one institution that truly supports a civil society. No one is denied access. All members of the community are served. And free, unfettered access to all points of view are celebrated. I fully support the expansion of our greatest asset, our public library.

Newspaper blew it

I understand that you did not endorse Referendum 1A. I am very disappointed in your decision. I can’t think of anything worse. It makes me never want to advertise with you or buy your paper anymore. It’s the most important thing to me to protect this open space that I love so much. I guess you just want to sell more newspapers by bringing more people to this valley. I’m just really disappointed with you.

Downtown hotel

I don’t so much oppose tearing down the Harbor Hotel, it’s the plans for the multi-use project to replace it that bother me. I’m sure the developers and Realtors prefer multi-use, so they can make money in commissions and move on to the next project. But what downtown Steamboat needs is a grand hotel. Every town in Colorado has a downtown hotel that’s a part of their history. And it’s good for the retailers. Every week, you have 300 new people to sell your product to.

Support C and D

Vote yes on C and D. Without C and D, I will not have a job in one year.

Library crowded

Our library is cramped and crowded. It was designed when the town was much smaller. It deserves a long overdue expansion.

Ads backfire

The negative campaign ads are going to backfire. They help me to decide to vote for the candidates they are smearing.

Vote for Dr. D

Dr. D is the right choice for our School Board. Finally, we have someone who will stand up for our kids, our teachers and our parents.

Vote for Michael Loomis

I don’t understand why someone who has fought with two superintendents, the School Board and just about anybody else who disagrees with him wants to run for the School Board. Why didn’t John DeVincentis just retire quietly. Oh, I know, he doesn’t do anything quietly. All I see is lots of ego. Vote for Michael Loomis.