Sound-off for Nov. 9, 2003 |

Sound-off for Nov. 9, 2003

Connell comment

City Council President Kathy Connell’s “let them bleed a little” statement shows just how little she thinks of us taxpayers.

Not Marie Antoinette

Our City Council President’s remarks when the property tax went down, to quote, “We need to have the public bleed a little” sounds like Marie Antoinette’s remark “let them eat cake.” We know what happened to Marie Antoinette.

Who’s serving who?

On Nov. 5, Christine Metz had a front page article in the Today. In the article, Kathy Connell, City Council president, was quoted as saying, “We need to have the public bleed a little bit before they recognize the fact we are not kidding about a stable funding source.” Is the city of Steamboat Springs serving her, or is she, as per her election, supposed to serve the city?

Wake up, City Council

After reading Wednesday’s article “Voters say nay to 2A,” I was appalled at what City Council President Kathy Connell said. “We need to have the public bleed a little bit before they recognize the fact that we are not kidding about a stable funding source.” How dare she assume that we are a bunch of airheads. Doesn’t the City Council realize that we all see what they spend our tax dollars on? How about the buying of the “little red school house” at the bottom of the pass and spending untold dollars to renovate it? How about wanting to bury all the utility lines underground across the city? And our new city offices? Are those expenditures a necessity or a luxury?

City Council members, wake up. Focus on basic city services we all need and deserve. The luxuries can wait until the economy gets better and our coffers can withstand your spending whims. Get your act together and use some common sense, and we would back you.

Waiting for the stoplight

I have sat there, waiting for the light to change so many times. Coming from West Steamboat into Steamboat, the light (at the Stock Bridge Transit Center) changes with nobody on the road to turn onto U.S. Highway 40. Sure makes one wonder: If the light is malfunctioning, why can it not be turned off?

Fix the stoplight

I am appalled at the (lack of) attention being given to the new traffic light at the Stock Bridge Transit Center. The light is the cause of traffic problems every morning and evening, backing up traffic for a mile, maybe mor,e in each direction. Often, the light sensors are triggered numerous times over a short period for no apparent reason, which exacerbates the problem. Whoever is responsible for this waste of taxpayer money obviously does not live or work on the west side of town. If this kind of problem were occurring at the Walton Creek Road intersection, I am sure it would be of primary concern.

Don’t tape meetings

I don’t see any need to tape the meetings of the Steamboat Springs Water Commission. The focus group was set up to improve communication and cooperation, and it really has no authority to pass laws and ordinances, and taping meetings just makes it more adversarial.

Record the meetings

Yes, I definitely think the Water Commission should be recording its meetings.

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