Sound Off for Nov. 16, 2003 |

Sound Off for Nov. 16, 2003

A contradiction

Ken Brenner’s pre- and post-election comments of being elected to serve the working residents and small-business people of Steamboat but not the lodging and resort industries is a contradiction. Small businessmen own virtually every storefront along Main Street and at the mountain village. They, along with the couple of thousand residents employed in the lodging and resort industries, depend on those industries to remain strong and vibrant. Maybe he should state that he represents the residents and small-business people who do not derive any income from tourism.

Glad for Evans Hall

Sandy Evans Hall’s commentary was the best thing I have read in the newspaper in a long time. I don’t expect many of the residents who complain about tourism and the chamber to get it, but I am glad we have people like Sandy working on behalf of or community and our economy.

Metz was fair, accurate

I think Christine Metz’s reporting of City Council issues is fair and accurate. She is a watchdog on our elected officials, not a lapdog, as some council members might wish. I would be worried to live in a community where the elected officials liked everything the media reported. Keep up the good work.

Upset with stoplight

I agree with those who are very upset with the light west of town. Had they placed it differently, it would have been an asset to Copper Ridge rather than a hindrance and an annoyance. It seems that the city wants affordable housing except when it comes to planning for it and making it available. Copper Ridge is affordable, but now the neighborhood is totally hamstrung by that light.

Headline misleading

The headline on the article Nov. 5 about the election on Montessori schools was very misleading. If somebody puts a pencil to those figures, they would see the results were about 63 percent to 37 percent which is about a 2 to 1 margin. I think some correction should be made on that statement.

Political e-mails

I’m a city employee, and I was wondering what the policy was on political e-mails. I received an e-mail from Jeff Troeger on Election Day in my office. I don’t know whether this is right or legal as far as election laws.

Tape the meetings

Yes, I believe the water commission should tape its meetings. What on Earth are the commission members afraid of?

Stoplight a bad idea

I don’t think the traffic light at the Stock Bridge Transit Center was a good idea. I guess it was meant for the bus service system. They are mainly turning right out of the transit center and they can turn right on red after the traffic clears. Anyway, it was not a good idea.

No city dollars in house

There should be a clarification about what one resident said about The Little Red School House at the bottom of Rabbit Ears Pass. That schoolhouse was bought with funds raised by Historic Routt County in order to purchase and renovate it. There were no city dollars used in that wonderful project. Rather, the City Council agreed to take ownership of the schoolhouse once the project was complete. The red schoolhouse was renovated and purchased with private donations and volunteer hours. It was not city tax dollars that were used.

Don’t turn left

I think the light at the Stock Bridge Center is a terrible idea. I don’t think the city needed it, and I don’t think the state should have forced the city to put it there. I don’t think buses should make left-hand turns out of the Transit Center. That would limit the need for a stoplight.

Thanks, law enforcement

I live in South Routt, in Oak Creek. I want to thank police for taking care of some things in our town by stopping some vehicles without proper licenses, headlights and that are not street-worthy. Thanks for making our streets safer.

Light OK with sensor

The traffic light is a good idea as long as it is strictly used on a sensor basis.

Good idea, bad location

The traffic light at the Stock Bridge Transit Center is a good idea but it’s in the wrong place.

Stoplight a terrible idea

I think the traffic light at the Stock Bridge center is a terrible idea.

Beating a dead horse

I read in Thursday’s Steamboat Today that the city and now the county are beating that dead horse called the dump-truck bypass. The original idea called for the bypass to go through Snake Island and the Howelsen Hill area with a tunnel providing access to Twentymile Road. Now we have dumb idea No. 2, which calls for turning the semi-pristine Yampa Avenue into a noisy truck bypass, ruining the ambiance of the library and park.

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