Sound off for Nov. 14 |

Sound off for Nov. 14

Unfairly biased

I think your newspaper tends to be unfairly biased toward conservatives, the Mallard Filmore cartoon especially. In the editorial section, it seems to be fairly balanced, usually with a pro-liberal and pro-conservative stance given, but elsewhere you seem to lean too far to the right. Overall, I think that’s inappropriate given the last election results and the fact that most people in Routt County voted Democratic. If you’re going to have Mallard Filmore, balance it with something else.

Alcohol abuse

I’m calling about the situation in our community with alcohol and young people. I was trained as a bartender, and trained that you do not overserve. You know where people’s limits are and should not get beyond that, and it’s against the law to keep overserving them. In Routt County, we have a serious, serious problem. It needs to be policed.

Thanks, county

Thank you county Road and Bridge for blading Routt County Road 206. The car thanks you, the kids thank you, my kidneys thank you. Now, if everyone will just slow down, the blading will actually last us until next year.

Tax board right

Yes, I do agree with the Tax Policy Advisory Board that the city’s tax structure should not be changed.

Serve homeless

I read about the man who could be banned from the food bank, and I was totally appalled. We have one person who is homeless in Steamboat, and he can’t even get food from the food bank? I thought the food bank was to help people who needed the food. For volunteers to scold him for taking the milk when I’m sure he needed the milk? We should be here to help the people, not scold them for taking milk.

Get over it

I think the people complaining about the noise at B&K Distributing need to get over it. We live near the airport, so maybe because we’re offended by that noise, the airplanes should just quit flying, too.

Whose president?

A letter from a Republican reader made me want to “sound off” for the first time ever. First of all, your Republican president won by 52 percent. Do the math. That means 48 percent percent of us do not agree with your comment stated in the Nov. 7 Pilot. We want affirmative action, we want abortion rights, we support gay marriage but, most importantly, we do not support a needless war in Iraq. Let’s have all the Republicans who voted for Bush send their children to Iraq to fight this war, along with the Bush twins. If that happened, I wonder how many voters would have voted for Bush?

Bush wrong

I will say what many others have said: The last time religion was a part of our government, people were burned at the stake. Extreme? Maybe, but all movements have slow beginnings and take root somewhere. Separation of church and state must remain in tact. I find many aspects of this current administration worrisome. Bush raises one hand, preaching moral rights to his mesmerized followers, and with the other hand he takes jobs and financial stability from their pockets.

If the Democratic Party were as nasty as the Republican Party, Bush would not look so righteous. His DUI and arrests were never brought up. His party days were never brought up. His rehab was never brought up. Bill Clinton didn’t even inhale and look at the grief he was given. If you read much about Bush’s fraternity days, the conclusion can be drawn that he did more than inhale.

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