Sound Off for March 9 |

Sound Off for March 9

Plow on the west side

That rotary plow (“The Way it Was, Steamboat Pilot & Today,” Sunday, March 2, 2003) at the loop trestle and tunnel on Rollins Pass is on the west side of the Divide, rather than the east. The site can be driven to from Winter Park. Better wait ’til summer though. Rollins (or Corona) Pass was known for only two seasons, winter and August.

‘Town Talk’ Steamboat?

Points west and south of Steamboat boast a “Town Talk” in the Sunday edition of the Pilot & Today. If this newspaper can run the lighthearted reading from other towns, why can’t Steamboat have its own version? Editors and news staff would boohoo, “where could we possibly fit this?” Well, naturally, the first thing to go should be the terribly lame “Police Blotter.” I don’t care about a civil threat between a landlord and a tenant reported at Shadow Run, a 22-year-old man passed out in the snow outside a local bar or a suspicious incident reported. None of this stuff is really pertinent to anybody. In fact, it’s not the general public’s business at all. It could be found on local cable if it was. Nix the “blot” and bring on the gossip. Also, kudos to “Sound Off,” the best column on Sundays.

Minds made up

Why did I waste my time going to the meeting concerning the courthouse. It was evident from the start that the commissioners were not going to listen to what the people want; they already have their minds made up. They are so concerned about the attorneys driving across town, but it makes more sense for them to make that trip than transporting the felons. Come on commissioners. Wake up and listen to the public.

Firehouse looks great

I think the Mountain Firehouse looks great. There are no businesses in that area that the color of the firehouse detracts from. Some people will always have too much time on their hands to seek out problems. It is not as if that area is a commercial area with buildings all of one color and you have a bright red building. It is a firehouse. Why shouldn’t the fire house be painted red? That red firehouse brings a smile to my son’s face and a discussion about the firehouse every day we drive past. How boring a life we will live when we no longer see the beauty in a red firehouse.

City does excellent job

I think the city’s road crews do an excellent job of snow removal and they are not creating any inconveniences for me.

We live in the mountains

I don’t think the city’s snow removal system is unreasonable and inconvenient. The people who are complaining need to realize we live in the Rocky Mountains and we do get snow. The store owners complaining need to get shovels and get out there and do it themselves.

People understand

I do not think the city’s downtown snow removal system is creating an unreasonable inconvenience. I worked at a downtown hotel for a lot of years and guests would complain about snow removal noise. We would tell them if you want to get to the ski area in the morning, we have to plow the streets. I think people understand.

Get over it

One of the challenges of living in Steamboat Springs is coping with the snow. To those businesses whining about snow not being cleared from the curbs, get over it. Do like they did years ago and dig a tunnel to your shops.

Someone should clear it

This is a ski town with a lot of snow. So in the wintertime, we are just going to get big dumps of snow, and there isn’t much you can do about that. Thankfully we’re getting snow. What I would suggest for the downtown merchants is that they shovel pathways along the street so that people can negotiate from their cars onto the sidewalks, which either the city or the merchants should be clearing. Maybe the downtown merchants could get with the City Council and get the city to get rid of Triple Crown and divert that money to snow removal.

Refrain from using ‘hero’

Please refrain from using the word hero loosely, as in the Wednesday, March 5, letter to the editor by Paul Sachs. A hero is a firefighter who enters a burning building to save a life or a soldier on the front lines, not someone who is talented at sports.

Shame on school board

The Steamboat Springs School Board and Superintendent Simms should be ashamed of how they handled the Montessori charter application.

Put funds where needed

I’m a teacher working on a Sunday afternoon, as I’m sure many other teachers are, too. I’m getting materials ready for the upcoming CSAP test. It’s too bad the committees want to transfer the $400,000 allotted for pay for performance to capital construction funds for the middle school expansion. Why not help teachers out for all the extra time they put in maintaining Steamboat’s excellent ratings, especially on the CSAP.

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