Sound off for March 7 |

Sound off for March 7

Stop running Dowd

I’d like to do everything I can to keep you from printing Maureen Dowd’s columns in the Steamboat Pilot & Today. This is a Christian nation. The movie “The Passion of the Christ” is all about Christianity. Dowd doesn’t have any idea what Christianity is all about or she would not write what she wrote. She has written other commentaries that are way, way off base. I don’t see why this newspaper has to print the things she writes, and I will do everything I can think of to keep you from doing it.

Oak Creek parking

After driving through Oak Creek, I have decided Oak Creek is another planet. Why is it that cars can park any which way, even on Colorado Highway 131? They park on the wrong side of the street; they park facing the wrong way. Why is that?

Appalled with Hannaway

While reading your recent article “Commissions change stances,” I was appalled at City Planning Commissioner Randall Hannaway. Rather than plan for the future needs of our community, he prefers to force us to change our transportation behavior. Big Brother knows best, I guess.

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No Yampa extension

I really don’t believe the Yampa extension would help much. The logical answer is to make Lincoln Avenue and Pine Street one way. But to just bury our heads in the snow, knowing the problem won’t go away, is pure stupidity.

Area 51 and residents

About the Area 51 issue. I find it hypocritical that they want to crack down on some residents who want to ski out of bounds through a legal exit gate into the national forest and congregate for lunch and drink a couple of beers. You can go into any on-mountain restaurant or bar, have as many drinks as you want and then ski all day. If they are really concerned about people drinking and skiing, then Ski Corp. should not sell alcohol in any of the on-mountain restaurants.

High school basketball

This winter, I really enjoyed the Steamboat Springs High School boys varsity basketball team.

All season and during the district games, the whole team was good.

Even though we’ll be losing four great players through graduation, we still have many more good players who might go all the way next year. Boys Varsity Basketball Team: You were really good this year.