Sound off for March 23, 2003 |

Sound off for March 23, 2003

Thanks city workers

A word of thanks to the city employees who take such good care of our streets, water and sewer facilities, and law-enforcement problems. Other elements of our city government are somewhat dysfunctional, but the above really do their jobs and earn our appreciation.

More on gravel pit

I’m wondering why I haven’t heard more from the Pilot & Today on the upcoming LaFarge gravel pit coming up for review in front of the county on April 3. I think we need more in the newspaper so all the residents had the information they need to know.

Great paper

I have just returned from a delightful holiday in Steamboat Springs. I came with a group of nine from London, U.K. I wanted to write and tell you how impressed my friends and I were with your newspaper. We became quite involved in the daily happenings of Steamboat, despite only being there for ten days. I very much enjoyed especially reading the comments page, which dealt almost exclusively with the possibility, now reality, of the Iraq war. I was also appalled at the proposed execution in Texas of a possibly innocent man. I was glad to hear it had been postponed. I hope this means that there will be an investigation into the entire case. My congratulations to you and your staff.

War is wrong

I will support and pray for our soldiers because they are merely youthful pawns in a very dangerous game of chess. I will never support this illegal war led by a president who was appointed, not elected. Nor will I listen to his fear of weapons of mass destruction when we, under his father and his father’s predecessor, provided many of those arms and technology. The world is right on this one and our federal government is wrong.

Register displeasure. All peace-loving Americans, whether Republican or Democrat, can switch party affiliation to independent or one of the alternative parties. Send a message to Congress and the president that we do not agree with the direction they are taking our country. It is more in the American tradition and more patriotic to let our voices be heard than to blindly trust and follow the leader.

Seniors thank SST

I think the best thing Steamboat Springs has done for its seniors is provide the transit service. The drivers are very polite and helpful. It is certainly needed and appreciated by the seniors.

Right on Target

Yes, I will shop at the Target Store in Silverthorne. Businesses in Steamboat cater to the tourists. I will drive either to Craig or Silverthorne to do my shopping. If everyone would boycott Steamboat maybe they would get the message that the locals are important to their business.

Yes, there will be at least two of us going to Silverthorne to shop. The seniors will be going in April. We do not shop in Steamboat Springs. Only about 2 percent.

Yes, I will shop at the Target store in Silverthorne. I will be there the moment it opens.

Yes, I will definitely shop at the new Target store in Silverthorne. I already drive an hour to go to Kmart. So an hour and a half to go to the Target and the outlet stores definitely makes it possible to get more of my shopping done at reasonable prices.

Guarantees needed

Counting airline seats is simple. Ski Corp. and the businesses that contribute funds on a voluntary basis to the non-stop flight program contract with the airlines for 137,000 seats. Approximately 100,000 are sold. Get it? Consider how bad business would be without the non-stop flights.

Strong economy

As far as witnessing the impact of a weakened local economy: Frankly, I have witnessed just the opposite. You can’t get into the restaurants, you can’t park anywhere on Lincoln Avenue and the traffic is just like Grand Avenue in Glenwood Springs.

Romberg right

Bud Romberg had the courage and foresight to buck the establishment on confronting the growth control issue in Steamboat. The Chamber Resort and City Council are not representing the will of the people. Why? They are the business owners and represent the business community and not the community as a whole. I deal with a number of visitors every day. When asked why they come to Steamboat to ski and visit, the overwhelming answer is ‘we love the small-town atmosphere, Yampa Valley mystique, Western heritage and friendly people.’ Their response to Aspen, Vail and other resorts is ‘too commercialized.’ When large chain stores are brought to Steamboat, small businesses are forced out. When large corporations take over the local economy, and the thing that makes Steamboat great will be lost. Thank you Mr. Romberg for having the courage to speak out.

Very isolated

How isolated are we? Right now, the whole town of Steamboat is running out of everything, like fresh produce at all the supermarkets. They’re out. We’re going to run out of hamburger. How do you serve tacos or chili without hamburger. We are so in the middle of nothing. I’m not talking about not receiving the Wall Street Journal or the Denver Post, I’m talking about not receiving the U.S. mail for the last two days. It’s unbelievable that this thing can shut down the whole state of Colorado. There is not a flake of snow around here. What is up? Can’t we get things from Grand Junction or Salt Lake City just as easy as we can from Denver?

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