Sound off for March 21 |

Sound off for March 21

Airport plan

The Airport Layout Plan revision that Walter Scott is asking to be revised would cost the community in excess of $100,000 to perform. It is not a “community plan” type of exercise. It has mandated requirements from the FAA that have to be performed. The FAA will fund the plan if it is done in its timetable — i.e. 2009. An internal memo that city staff is correctly saying has no real bearing on future plans, is being confused with the Airport Master Plan. It would be irresponsible of the city to perform an ALP now as changes in the industry would make it obsolete within two years and the costs would be prohibitive.

YVRA improvements

No one doubts that YVRA needs improvement, but everyone who has the facts, and knows the difference, agrees that it is not an either-or situation. That is far too simplistic. If the Steamboat Pilot & Today had chosen to print the economic impact study that clearly delineates the economic benefit of the Steamboat airport to this community (to the tune of $7 million per year) perhaps the discussion would be a little clearer. That study has been hand-delivered to the newspaper three times and has never been published. It is increasingly difficult to believe that this continuing negative press is not an intentional reflection of the personal bias of the publisher and the editor.

Justice center problem

It’s obvious something needs to be done. Directing Yampa Street out Twentymile Road would barely make a dent in the problem. Extending Oak Street and turning both Oak and Lincoln into one-way streets would appear to be the simplest and least expensive solution.

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Location, location

I think that the justice center should absolutely be placed near the jail. It makes a lot of sense. There is plenty of room out there, and it is cost effective.

Majority rules?

A majority of Routt County residents want the justice center by the jail. It’s such a majority that we don’t even need to form an organized group. If you truly want a new justice center, listen to the majority. If not, go ahead and try to stall it and waste more money by going to a vote and then seeing the official results with the justice center being by the jail.

Courthouse downtown

I totally support keeping the courthouse downtown where it should be. I don’t think building the justice center in a swamp west of town in a nondescript location is appropriate for our community.

Oak Creek parking

I’d like to address the Oak Creek parking. I live in Steamboat, and everybody parks every which way here, backward and sideways. Just drive through the City Market or Wal-Mart parking lots. It’s not an Oak Creek thing. It’s everywhere. Stop picking on Oak Creek. I’m sick of it.

Done deal

The county already has made its decision as to where the new justice center is going to go. Let sleeping dogs lie.

Pedestrians’ safety

Having already been hit by two bicyclists and a skateboarder on the sidewalks along Lincoln Avenue downtown, this is a plea urging the city to enforce the ordinances prohibiting bicycles on the sidewalks on Lincoln Avenue.