Sound off for March 16, 2003 |

Sound off for March 16, 2003

Too hung over?

Was Autumn Phillips too hung over to write her 4 Points commentary last week?

A bad idea

The county commissioners tried to shove a $17.2 million courthouse down our throats at the last election. It was voted down. Now with the help of Judge Doucette and the legal community, they are going to trim the sharp edges off and try to shove it up the other end. We need to stop this. It is a bad idea.

West is best

The county commissioners and the local legal community want you to believe that we would be relocating all of the infrastructure that the county has to the west end of town. That is not the case. We are building a courthouse out west by the jail. All of the county offices would remain downtown. That infrastructure would remain. Don’t let them fool you.

Counting airline seats

I loved your article “February airline arrivals down” in the March 12 newspaper. It is interesting that Ski Corp. and the chamber committed to 137,000 inbound seats during the winter, yet the very end of the article says we typically only see about 100,000 passengers during the ski season. Maybe somebody needs to take a math class. We’re losing money.

Violent incidents

In his report “Room for Everyone,” Tom Ross introduces the topic of “user conflict” and proceeds to provide some examples. The examples cited (slashed tires, vehicles being keyed, trailers being disconnected) are not signs of user conflict. They are pure acts of vandalism. The report does not explicitly state, but does allude to the fact that these acts of vandalism were directed against a specific group — the snowmobile recreationist. And yet, the motorized recreation groups are singled out for being lawless? Call these acts what they really are, criminal acts of vandalism.

Wrong direction

The “Our View” article in the March 12 Today was nicely done…with one exception. The county is not replacing the courthouse, it is building a new Justice Center. I received many comments during the last election about what was going to happen to the old courthouse after the new one was built. It is very important to be clear on this so that the voting public does not get further confused on an already contentious issue.

Unemployment concern

I am very concerned about the unemployment in Steamboat. I think the business owners have some responsibility to be more patriotic. I know two or three years ago we had too many job openings in Steamboat so a large number of employers were hiring foreign workers but now I feel our own people are suffering from this. We need to stop hiring outside our country and employ the residents we have left out.

Unnecessary detail

In the story “Woman seeks revenge” on Monday, March 10, your reporter had some difficulty filling space. Why was she compelled to mention the fact that the backpacks were from the Jimmy Heuga Snow Express for MS? Was it material to the story? I don’t think so. In a time when it has become increasingly more difficult to raise funds for organizations that provide benefits to less fortunate individuals and families, your reporter found it necessary to make sure everyone knew that the backpack carrying the drugs was from the Heuga Snow Express. You forgot to mention that the woman was wearing an L.L. Bean Shirt. Get my point?

Thanks for support

On behalf of the 89 participants of the Steamboat Dance Theatre Annual Concert 2003, I wish to thank our wonderful audiences this year. Because of you, we had a ball.

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