Sound off for March 14 |

Sound off for March 14

Courthouse will contribute

It is frustrating to see this community spend thousands of dollars and hours researching, developing and implementing a community plan that is then disregarded by our county commissioners. When the new courthouse was defeated last November, it wasn’t necessarily because of the proposed location. I think our residents have been very clear through the community planning process that a vibrant downtown center is important. A courthouse downtown will contribute to the community plan that so many people have invested in. With all of this community input, why would the commissioners look to an alternate site out of town? It seems they are discounting the thoughts and efforts of their constituents.

Reconsider location

Yes, the county should reconsider the location of the planned justice center. The county already owns the land downtown and easily could remodel existing facilities into a justice center and put offices such as the extension center off-site. The core of downtown will be eviscerated without the courts and county offices.

Courthouse an anchor

The courthouse is now the center of town, an anchor that gives Steamboat Springs its heart. The courthouse should stay downtown.

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No need to reconsider

Reconsider the judicial facility location? No, we feel in the long run it is better off west of town at the jail. Remember that it got voted down already adding it to the courthouse.

Dog parks are great

Apparently, the author of Wednesday’s editorial who said that dog parks are a waste of money doesn’t have a dog. Dog parks are great, they allow dogs to build healthy socialization skills and allow owners the opportunity to socialize, too. Our community dog park was built on parkland under power lines with donated money, fencing and labor. I’ve met many new friends and neighbors at our dog park, and when dogs are exposed to a dog park at a young age, they develop into healthy, happy, friendly dogs. The maintenance of our dog park is minimal, and volunteers keep the dog park stocked with plastic bags for the owners to use in cleaning up after their pet(s), and the county park authority removes the dog waste from barrels at the dog park. I can’t say enough good things about dog parks.

Editorial writer has cats

Can I assume that the editorial on dog parks was written by a cat owner whose pet is allowed to pilfer my garbage and there are no laws to govern? What’s wrong with this picture?

Reconsider location

The courthouse location should be reconsidered. The vote was against the funding, not the location. The commissioners are misleading the public. They can use their funding to have the courthouse where they spent 10 years planning for — downtown.

Stop dangerous drugs

After following Don Nord’s case, I think I would feel more comfortable if my tax dollars were spent preventing the spread of methamphetamine labs rather than assigning six law officers to arrest one senior citizen with a medicinal marijuana card whose registered use of marijuana is a matter of public record. I would imagine this cuts down on the undercover costs and gets a headline in the paper, but does it slow the flow of dangerous drugs into the community? I think not.

Dowd realistic, funny

The Maureen Dowd columns in you paper are absolutely excellent. She is realistic, has humor and presents the facts with an intelligent twist. Keep it up. On the other hand, I truly wonder if many readers read and appreciate the Monday columns of Tom Ross? It seems to me that he writes a lot to say very little.

Columns show balance

To the reader who demands to know why the Steamboat Pilot & Today “has to print the things Maureen Dowd writes” and who vows to “do everything I can to keep you from printing her columns,” I have two answers: balance and freedom of speech. In case this reader hasn’t noticed, the Pilot & Today maintains balance and fairness by regularly running commentaries from both liberal columnists such as Dowd as well as from conservative ones such as William Safire and Jeff Jacoby. Also, in case this reader is unaware, our country is fairly evenly split between liberals and conservatives, and even in Steamboat, there are many of us who agree with much of what Dowd has to say. And after all, doesn’t our Constitution guarantee all of us, liberal and conservative alike, the right to express our personal beliefs? A little more tolerance of each other’s views would surely be a good thing.