Sound off for July 9 |

Sound off for July 9

Rainbow exceptions?

If everyone in Steamboat who has children and wanted to build a swing set would go to the forest and start chopping, wouldn’t it be a pretty sight? Why is it OK for the Rainbow people to do just that?

Coulter is great

Ann Coulter is wonderful. Please have her writings in your paper more often.

Coulter is terrible

There are a lot of conservative columnists you can use to “balance” your coverage. Giving voice to a hate-spewing publicity hound like Coulter doesn’t make Steamboat or the Pilot & Today look good.

Poor editing

How can you trust anything you read in this paper when the editing is so poor? In Monday’s story about the new clubhouse, you called Haymaker a “lynx-style” course. A lynx is a type of cat, not a golf course. Haymaker is a links-style golf course. Links is the land, generally found in the British Isles, that links farmable land to the sea. In Thursday’s paper, your front page announced that Ken Lay died in Vail on Wednesday. If you read your own article, or at least listened to just about any news program, you would have known that he died in Aspen. When will people learn that running spellcheck is not editing?

Respondents wrong

I’m appalled that 73 percent of the people (in the Pilot & Today’s survey) thought the Forest Service was being excessive with the Rainbows when probably 73 percent of the people don’t live in North Routt.

Rainbows fun-loving

The Rainbow family has not lived up to its hype. They were supposed to be a trouble-making, marauding, raping, pillaging group that would just destroy the forest, shoplift everywhere in town, panhandle, etc. Actually, they’ve been a peaceful, fun-loving group, and the only problem has been with the Forest Service law enforcement group that’s been hassling them the whole time.

Unfair treatment?

I was curious why you had those cute little twins skateboarding down the sidewalk (front page photo, July 6 Steamboat Today) on Oak Street, which is illegal. Hmm…or is that just for our local children to get tickets and harassed? Just wondering.

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