Sound off for July 30 |

Sound off for July 30

The truth hurts

I love all the whining about Ann Coulter.he truth hurts, doesn’t it?

Accident update?

Why wasn’t there anything in the paper Monday about the accident that was out by the rest stop between Hayden and Craig. It was in Routt County, and I was expecting to read about it and see what was going on.

Address infrastructure

I’d like to find out if the City Council has any plans whatsoever to work on the infrastructure and the traffic problems in Steamboat rather than just granting people permits to build huge, massive buildings everywhere. Don’t you think they should address some of the traffic issues and the infrastructure first before they allow all this other stuff to happen?

Pay council more

I don’t know what the pay scale is for the City Council members, but they should get a raise. It’s a thankless job, and whether you agree with them or not, they put in many, many hours reading a lot of boring stuff, and I think they should be accommodated for that.

Airport petition

Guess what? A very few land developers will make a whole lot of money if the Steamboat Springs Airport closes. That’s why the petition is being circulated by a whole bunch of very rich land developers — to take away your money.

Paper and trees

I wonder if it would be possible for the Today newspapers to be stocked in greater amounts at the post offices. If you get there after noon it’s very hard to find a paper and you have to hunt all over for one.

Secondly, I wonder why the city uses the transit center area to dump branches and tree trunks. It makes it look like a dump on our west entrance to town and not a good example for the residents.

The new Silverthorne?

I’ve been following the discussion about the Wildhorse Meadows development. I was hopeful when we elected our current City Council that they would have the foresight to say we need to slow down the rate of growth that’s happening here in Steamboat. The community certainly has voiced that as a concern in all the most recent surveys. Unfortunately, it seems developers and big money still rule. I hope there’s enough tax dollars from this new development for a new sign at the edge of city limits letting them know, “Welcome to Silverthorne,” because that’s where we seem to be headed.

Left-turn signals

I’m just wondering if Steamboat is ready or needs some left-turn signals downtown. I’m so tired of waiting at the green light when only one car is able to turn left. I’ve witnessed this numerous times and experienced it numerous times. I think it needs to be considered.

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