Sound Off for July 23 |

Sound Off for July 23

I’m calling about the article in Sunday about “Immigration haze.” Comunidad Integrada is seeking to locate 1,500 Spanish-speaking residents to Routt County. What will this do to affordable housing in our area? We already have a problem with that. And these new residents, where are they coming from? Why are they coming here? What are they doing to the wage scale for the people already here?

Aw, the manipulator of misinformation regarding Oak Creek is loose again in your Sound Off section. It’s been a while. Sorry, folks, Oak Creek is not broke. The enterprise funds — water, electricity, etc. — are very solid. There’s a shortfall in the general fund. In complete contradiction to the scurrilous allegation made by our favorite Sound Off person, restricted funds have not been transferred or used illegally. Boards previous to Mayor Cargo Rodeman seemed to have done that at will, but Mayor Rodeman recognized that as illegal at worst and unethical at best practice. Therefore the need for some small budget cuts in matters associated with the general fund, which has been accomplished. Again, contrary to our libelous friend, everything has been done in the open and nothing has been hidden and everything has been explained multiple times to anyone who has bothered to listen.
— Steve Beven, Oak Creek Town Board

Just a comment about the lack of proofreading and journalistic genius that exists there. On page 3 of Tuesday’s paper: “A huge horse has rode in to the Steamboat Springs City Council stable.” Has rode? Come on people, start editing. We sound like a hokey paper.

I would welcome a change of ownership for the Steamboat Ski Area. It would be nice, since this is a premier destination, that they would take the profits from this ski area and improve this ski area instead of dumping them into the other ski areas.

The story on the dirty sidewalks and storefronts is extremely timely. Merchants really need to sweep their sidewalks and gutters once or twice a day and hose the sidewalks and gutters once or twice a week to keep a clean appearance downtown. When I owned a business on Lincoln Avenue, I personally made sure not only my sidewalks and gutters were clean on a daily basis but also did that for my neighbors. Local customers need to feel welcome, and businesses really should present a clean and inviting presence so we all enjoy downtown.

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