Sound Off for July 11 |

Sound Off for July 11

Change bridge name

I’m wondering if it is not appropriate for the City Council to change the name of our bridge at the west end of town. Naming the bridge after a convicted wife beater is not appropriate and is an insult to those who have suffered domestic violence. This is a beautiful community and a wonderful place. Perhaps we should honor the people who made it that way, and not James Brown.

Letter was on target

Thank you for publishing Marty Ludwig’s letter “Afraid of the Truth,” the Chieftain theater not showing “Fahrenheit 9/11.” I think this is unfair to the people. I would like to see you do more to write about this and perhaps make it the question of the week so people can have their say on this.

Paving paradise

Your Question of the Week reminds me of a Joni Mitchell song, “Pave Paradise and Put up a Parking Lot.” I think that the justice center doesn’t belong downtown, and it certainly requires parking. So, why would you want to mess up downtown with another huge building and more parking or less parking? Either way, it just makes it more congested.

Downtown parking

If the city does not require a parking structure for the justice center, then in all fairness the city must remove all downtown business parking requirements.

Making it worse

No, I do not agree with the city’s offer regarding the parking structure if the justice center is built downtown. Parking downtown is less than adequate already; this would make it worse.

Biased comic

I’d like to see a more even-tempered comic on the ViewPoints page. Perhaps you can alternate Mallard Fillmore with something a little more liberal.

Less not more

I have heard that there were anywhere from 40 to 150 Triple Crown teams in town over the Fourth of July. I thought the City Council and the chamber agreed not to bring in Triple Crown over the Fourth. Shouldn’t the City Council try to accommodate us some so we can have at least some of our summers back?

Keep center west

We just read a few weeks ago that a downtown expert said, “Pedestrians are people who drive downtown and park.” It doesn’t make sense to have the justice center downtown in the first place.

It should be by the jail. And it’s ridiculous to even consider it downtown without a parking garage. Let’s save the downtown for people who will spend money, not attorneys and juries who will spend all day in courtrooms.

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