Sound off for Dec. 7 |

Sound off for Dec. 7

No more fields

Build more ball fields for Triple Crown? Absolutely not, for some very strong reasons. Just this week, our City Council refused to spend an additional $100,000 for three more permanent firefighter or emergency medical technicians who would have given the residents and visitors the full-time fire protection they should have. Yet new ball fields would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the cost of maintaining them. These ball fields would generate even more summer traffic through downtown when Lincoln Avenue already is near or at capacity. With downtown businesses working hard to stay vital and alive, it doesn’t make any sense to add more traffic and congestion to an area of the city that needs to maintain a pleasant atmosphere for shopping and dining.

No to city workers raise

No, I think that the city should give its workers a raise and better insurance benefits. If the city has money to build fields, it has money to spend on the workers where the money will be put to better use. If Triple Crown want better fields to play on, let Triple Crown pay the bill. The industrial park should be kept where it is. Stop spending our tax dollars on frivolous things. Listen to the people. They are the ones who put you in office.

Don’t build fields

Build more ball fields for Triple Crown? I say let’s take back the ones we have now and invite Mr. Dave King to go elsewhere.

The Steamboat Springs City Council agreed to build more softball fields for Triple Crown. The property tax was voted down. Our sales tax pays the bills. Triple Crown brings dollars to our town. So let’s honor our agreement and build fields at the Bear River parcel.

I think Steamboat Springs has done enough for Triple Crown and I think it is time for Triple Crown to move on. I think it is time for the city of Steamboat Springs to go after a different marketing plan for tourists.

Area meant for industry

I would certainly vote no on the question of the week. This area has been designated as industrial, and it should be used for that. If you build baseball fields this would take away another site for industry.

Stick to current zoning

The city of Steamboat Springs should not build fields for Triple Crown use at the Bear River parcel. This land should be used for industry as it is currently zoned, and this is a site where similar operations of industry could be placed to get them out of forest/agricultural zoning where they are only permitted by special use permit. There have been tremendous and continuing conflicts within the city and county as to where to operate our industrial sites. We have a zone zoned industry. Let’s use it that way.

Leave parcel alone

I do not want the city of Steamboat Springs to put ball fields on the Bear River parcel. It’s a beautiful parcel with wildlife and wetlands, and I think it should be left as it is.

Nay to new fields

In response to this week’s question, absolutely not. That area is already zoned industrial, and recently at the joint meeting of the City Council and county commissioners over the Steamboat Springs Area Community Plan, the two groups decided that they need industrial areas for batch plants and other related industries. This land should not be removed from industrial as it is currently zoned, because we really don’t have that much land zoned industrial. We are also going to need that for the future direction of this town.

Two objections

I have two objections to using the Bear River parcel for fields. First, we don’t have enough industrial-zoned areas in the city. Second, I don’t see why the city should subsidize the lodging industry by building more fields. The hotel industry should subsidize such development.

Re-establish river

The most important part of the Bear River Park project is re-establishing the Yampa River meander that was removed when the sewer lagoons were installed. We all understand the importance of the river that runs through us. The re-establishment of the meander will create more river habitat, slow down cutting of the Yampa downstream, and make for a healthier river. By focusing on the health of the Yampa the Bear River Park project can be the beginning of upgrading the Yampa from Steamboat to west of the Riverbend Golf course.


Congratulations to Towney Anderson for a brilliant analysis of the courthouse dilemma. We should incorporate Towney’s commentary into the Steamboat Springs Area Community Plan.

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