Sound Off for Dec. 21, 2003 |

Sound Off for Dec. 21, 2003

No new taxes

Here we go again: A third fire property tax proposal disguised as a consolidation of rural and city fire protection districts. For consolidation to take place, both districts must have a fire protection property tax. The rural district already has one; the city doesn’t, and the city voters would have to approve one. They would have to vote a third time on a new tax they already have voted down twice in the past two years. When will the City Council majority realize they are whipping a dead horse? The city voters know fire protection should come from taxes they already pay, not from new taxes.

Repeal Tabor, Gallagher

I support consolidation of the city and rural fire services, but not until the Tabor and Gallagher amendments are repealed. The commercial business community already carries far too great a burden for the fire service, when the majority of fires are in residential occupancies. The majority of fire deaths occur in the home. The majority of fire calls are for auto and home-related incidents. Why should businesses pay for the largest portion of these services?

A better way to go?

Nice editorial concerning Westland Trailer Park. “In truth, the developer’s plan is a better use for that 3.5 acres of riverfront property than a trailer park.” Overpriced retail space to attract businesses that can’t afford the space, so it gets filled by more real estate offices is the better way to go? The extra condo space that won’t be lived in the majority of the year is the better way to go? How many of the condos are currently occupied in that ugly Chieftain thingy?

Is this just what the Editorial Board thinks, or have you even bothered to ask your employees to share their thoughts on what it might be like to lose your home?

Let me guess: We could never ask the people who collate the papers or the printers because they don’t make the big bucks to make editorial decisions. Hate to turn the question around on you, but what if it was you who lost your home? Would it be the best thing to do then? Don’t think so.

Secret hockey games

Another great scoop for the Pilot & Today on Page 2 of Sunday’s sport section. Had no idea that the Avs and Chargers played. Might explain why Marty Schottenheimer looks like he’s saying “puck” after so many plays this year — they play secret hockey games.


I think the use of marijuana should be made legal and that GRAMNET should be disbanded.

Look more closely

I just wanted to say thanks for publishing Preston Plumb’s commentary, “A Traffic Stop Gone Awry,” in Thursday’s Steamboat Today. As our community watchdog, our newspaper needs to look more closely at what law enforcement is doing in Yampa Valley.

Took the fun out of it

The Yule Log Hunt used to be a tradition I looked forward to with anticipation each Christmas. After last year’s search ended so quickly, I was disappointed. I wasn’t quite so excited when this year’s clues began last week, but I was beginning to get into it again. The discovery in Tuesday’s newspaper that the contest has again ended prematurely leaves me feeling like a kid who Santa didn’t visit. It has taken all the fun out of it.

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