Sound Off for Dec. 17 |

Sound Off for Dec. 17

Speak up, community

None of us want to witness the decline of Main Street historic Steamboat or its environs. Big box stores over 12,000 square feet can alter the landscape and make us look like Anytown USA. Support the City Council in passing a stringent PUD ordinance. Have a say over what kind of development comes to Steamboat.

Don’t dumb it down

Must we “dumb down” everything? Concerning the city’s discussion on revising the PUD regulations, why is it too much to hold high standards for developers? Maybe it is time to raise the bar and expect more, not less, from businesses. Americans need to wake up and pay the true costs of goods.

Lucky to have Towny

Towny Anderson is doing what many constituents have asked him to do, and he does so knowing he will be labeled “not a proper representative of us taxpayers.” From this taxpayer’s perspective, Steamboat Springs is lucky to have someone on council saying what so many residents are in agreement with. Sticking his neck out is exactly what got him elected. Perspectives are funny things, don’t you agree?

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Thanks, Saddleback

Thanks to all owners and workers at Saddleback Ranch for the free fun provided last Sunday. I tubed on the Yee Haw hill, took a sleigh ride, visited with friends and had cookies and hot chocolate. My friend and I are in our 40s and had a blast. I own a business and hope to tell many locals and visitors alike about your hospitality.