Sound Off for Aug. 6 |

Sound Off for Aug. 6

Affordable housing

Sunday’s “High-income needs” letter to the editor from Alex Schoder was spot on, although tongue in cheek. Our City Council negotiates away the “payment in lieu” from the Wildhorse Meadows development, forcing that development to include the 80 affordable housing units.

I wonder how low-income families will afford taxes, fees, etc. in those units. I’m also curious how many real affordable units that payment would have allowed in someplace other than at the base of Mount Werner. How about Milner? Oh wait, one county commissioner says growth in Milner “is not gonna happen.” A final question for thought: How many affordable units has Donald Trump included in NYC’s Trump Towers?

Police presence needed

Given the hundreds of people tubing the river this past weekend, I was wondering why there was no police or ranger presence on the river. Hundreds of your tourists were witness to the high school gang cannon-balling — mainly adult females — at the “C-hole,” then flipping their tubes.

One particular member cannon-balled into the river, then flipped the tube of a pregnant woman in her mid-30s. This group hung at the C-hole for the better part of the day, and it was obvious this was their main weekend activity. So, how does a group of high schoolers get away with assaulting female tourists for hours, right in the middle of your town?

Smokers at free concert

It was with great anticipation that I took my family to the outdoor concert at the base of the ski area. It was our first concert of the season as a family, and Los Lobos was a fine act to watch perform. What we didn’t expect was the smokers. We had to move five times due to the rudeness of the nicotine-addicted concertgoers hiding in the crowd. How disgusting to have to smell that foul odor while trying to enjoy the outdoors and the great music. I do believe that smoking is banned for these type of outdoor events. Must we be forced to create a “smoking police” to enforce the rules?

Pay hospital bills, too

I just read the article in which a businessman paid $4,000 for citations received by the Rainbow Family because, “The Family takes care of its own.” Why don’t they really put their money where their mouth is, step up, and pay the hospital bills they ran out on?

Where’s the coverage?

Earlier this week, Gov. Owens signed into law 10 new bills that restrict illegals’ access to public services. This was to send a message that illegals are not welcome here in Colorado. But I didn’t see one word about it in the Pilot & Today. What gives? Are you guys afraid of upsetting illegals? Why aren’t you printing both sides of the news?

Growth out of control

All the growth in Steamboat seems to be out of control. Just what is the philosophy of City Council for the future of this town? We can’t keep approving development after development without suffering the consequences. Steamboat is destined to be another Vail or Aspen, where the wealthy call the shots for the community.

Ritter signs excessive

I find it interesting that two weeks after you ran article on the sign crackdown, Bill Ritter has littered city property with his signs.

No developer exceptions

How come developers can get away with a 40-foot height variance when ordinary people have to comply with zoning restrictions? And how come there’s no square-foot restrictions on the size of these mansions that are being built here when there are zoning restrictions for commercial property? These trophy homes are ostentatious and wasteful and they squander our energy resources for people who maybe occupy them two weeks a year.

No help from city

On March 7, 2006, the City Council unanimously approved $100,000 for an audit of the airport. It also appointed committees to study an alternate use plan for the airport and a committee to study a new airport layout plan.

Obviously, it would be very helpful for all the volunteers on these committees to have access to accurate, current information regarding the present status of the airport, which means the results of the audit. The committees are holding meetings, but the audit information isn’t available. That’s because in the past six months, absolutely nothing has happened.

Not only isn’t the vital audit information available to the committees, the city hasn’t even selected a firm to do the work. The committee members are flying blind, and for the City Council to spend $100,000 of taxpayer money for an airport audit, after the committees have done their work, is a City Council peculiarity every bit as mystifying as the tennis bubble and rec center fiascoes. This audit strategy may work for a special interest group, but it doesn’t help the city.

Who cares?

As to your question of the week, “Who will win the Republican primary for Routt County Sheriff: Ray Birch or Garrett Wiggins?” The answer is: Who cares?

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