Sound Off for April 9 |

Sound Off for April 9

GOP woes

As I read the article about “GOP urges unity” in the April 2 Steamboat Pilot & Today, it amazes me, as a Republican in Routt County, that I find out about events after the fact. I’m more informed about events the Democratic Party has in the county. It is time for the Routt County Republican Party to reach out to its party members in all of Routt County.

Sloppy work

The problem with the lots in Fairview was created by poor legal work done on the part of the city. It seems that the city attorney should be responsible for fixing it. Sloppy work done at the taxpayers’ expense.


The city needs more firefighters, but they don’t need to be full time. It costs the city about $50,000 a year for a full-time firefighter. If they hire nine more full-time firefighters to the tune of a half-million dollars, it’s only going to get three more people a shift showing up at a structure fire. What they need to do is find more incentives to get volunteers and part-time staff to show up at the station.

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How do we find ourselves in this situation with the firefighters? This situation should have been foreseen a long time ago. Is hiring firefighters the correct way to go or should we look at the management and ask what’s going on with it first?

Maybe the city should try to take care of the firefighters it already has. One of them just got a raise to $13.28 an hour. It just doesn’t make any sense. How do expect to retain people when you’re paying them basically minimum wage? You can get a job pulling weeds with Parks and Rec for $22 an hour. I just don’t get it. It seems like the city really needs to reconsider what it’s doing.

— Dave Mihaich

Outrageous suggestion

The suggestion revealed in the paper recently that the city might spend money it receives from the sale of assets, such as a right-of-way, go to people at Westland Mobile Home Park is outrageous and sets a poor precedent. I’m sure everyone in town who rents would love to have the city pay them just because their landlord had a change of plans. If the city does anything with that money other than use it to buy land for affordable housing, it should see a flood of requests for equal treatment from all other residents who can’t afford to buy real estate.

Share tax dollars

The Education Fund Board strikes again. The Steamboat Springs School District continues to use this resource as an extension of its budget while other areas of education go unfunded and unsupported. The money could dramatically affect the North Routt, South Routt and Hayden districts.

Bad idea?

Is it wise to bring attention to drug addiction by hosting a gambling addiction event — the so-called Casino Night — at the Steamboat Springs Community Center?

Recall Dellinger

Council member Susan Dellinger should be recalled for her attempts to subvert the public process and place her private interests ahead of the taxpayers of Steamboat Springs.