Sound Off for April 4 |

Sound Off for April 4

Focus on YVRA

Every year since the Steamboat airport terminal and improvements were constructed, the city of Steamboat Springs has squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars, adding up to millions over the years, on an airport that serves less than 1 percent of the population. At the same time, the city has given virtually nothing in financial contributions or assistance to the county toward operations or improvements at YVRA. YVRA is our economic lifeline. It’s time for the city of Steamboat to end the myths, half-truths and false hopes surrounding the Steamboat Airport. It’s time to cut the losses, close the Steamboat Airport, or at least make the users pay the full cost of operations and focus all available airport resources at YVRA.

Blame owners, not dogs

Imagine sitting on the toilet with a 6-foot leash attached to a collar around your neck with your mother or father holding the other end while you try to do your business. Of course our dogs should be allowed off their leashes in certain parts of the city. The Spring Creek parking area has been vacant in response to the recent crackdown. Dogs are a part of the culture of this community. The issue is picking up waste, not keeping dogs on leashes. Fine owners who don’t pick up after their dogs.

Keep ’em leashed

Under no circumstances turn the dogs loose not on their leases anywhere in the city. I live on 637 Phawintah St., across from the Soda Creek Elementary School playground and have to put up with dogs all over my nice big yard and rocks. They come off the hill with no leash and make a beeline for my yard. I can’t call the dogcatcher cause by the time he comes, they’ve left. Mark me no on the question of the week.

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Afraid of dogs

I was just wondering if it ever occurred to dog owners that some people are just flat out afraid of and uncomfortable around dogs. I have been on trails where dogs off leashes and these dogs come at me and act like they are going to bite me. And then the rest of my outing is ruined. I am not against dogs, but I am against them being off their leashes.

Unleash the dogs

The city should certainly consider allowing dogs to be off their leashes in many areas of the city not just certain areas of the city.

Freedom of speech

This is in response to a March 7 Sound Off post that commented on Maureen Dowd’s column on “The Passion of the Christ.” The post stated: “She has written other commentaries that are way, way off base. I don’t see why this newspaper has to print the things she writes, and I will do everything I can think of to keep you from doing it.” Dowd can be sarcastic and cynical, but she is well-educated, cleaver, and talented. I enjoy a lot of her writing because she jabs and pokes at the norm. She adds a twist to the interpretation of national politics and religion, (notice the sketchy line between the two?).

You have a right to disagree with her and a right to voice that opinion. Yet trying to do “everything I can” to keep her columns out of the Steamboat newspaper isn’t the way to deal with an opinion of someone else’s that you disagree with.

That article is Maureen Dowd’s opinion and interpretation. Take it as it is and offer yours up, too. Educate your friends and family with your thoughts versus Dowd’s. If the Pilot & Today heeds your threats and takes out Dowd, how different is that from the days of banning books? I would never have been able to read Tom Sawyer.

Wasting money

Why would the town of Hayden want to spend money on making the back end of the town park into a dog park? I have been taking my dog there for years for exercise. There is already a trash can there. So everybody can just bring bags for cleanup.