Sound Off for April 30 |

Sound Off for April 30

Health and Rec

If the Health and Rec puts a roof over the pool, I will probably drop my membership, not that anyone will care. I understand that an indoor pool would be nice for the swim team in the cold winter months, but how about all the nice, warm, sunny days that attract so many to lay and play? I agree with others who say, ‘Let the city build an indoor pool and give Health and Rec a little competition.’

Recreation center

I’m absolutely opposed to the city spending $25 million on a new recreation center.

I’m in favor of the city spending $25 million on a new rec center. It’s about time the city did something for locals instead of just doing things for the tourists.

The current furor over community recreational needs is excessive and fiscally irresponsible. I don’t believe that many of the citizens fully understand that the $25 million proposed price tag is just for construction. Residents are still likely to be assessed annual membership fees to use the facility — fees that could be as much as $400 a year or higher. I wonder how many residents will still use the facility on a regular basis if they have to pay to play.

Last Sunday’s Sound Off question oversimplifies the recreation center issue. Do we need a $26 million facility? Probably not, but Steamboat Springs desperately needs a community recreation center to fulfill indoor recreation needs. Gymnasium space is sorely lacking. The school districts job is to educate our children, not to provide gym space for individuals and groups wanting to play volleyball and basketball. Then there is the aquatic center question, which is being played out between Health and Rec. and the city’s Parks and Recreation Commission. Finally, our youth and teens need places where they can go “hang out” that are safe and will keep them occupied. The Parks and Recreation Commission is looking at a phased project, one that would most likely be built over several phases over a period of years. The proper question for Sound Off would have been, “Do you support a community recreation center?”

As a single parent of two boys, I strongly agree on spending the money on a recreation center for the children of Steamboat instead of an indoor pool at the Health & Rec. Our children are being watched after school and on school days off in a single-wide trailer. These children need a safer and larger facility. This town needs to look out for the children and not for the tourist. Our teenagers have nowhere to go, and a recreation center might just get them off of hanging out on the corners and in alley ways.

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Why are we, the taxpayers of Steamboat, paying for the code enforcement officer to come mark tires in April? You have your pick of parking on Lincoln Avenue, but we’re wasting our taxpayer money on this guy to mark tires? It’s ridiculous.

Don’t preach to me

I just read the “Father, son, daughter” letter to the editor (Steamboat Today, April 26), and I don’t appreciate it. I don’t appreciate being preached to, and I don’t think it’s appropriate in a local paper. I don’t like it.

Column outrageous

Regarding Scott Stanford’s column about illegal immigrants (Steamboat Today, April 27), I think it’s outrageous what you wrote. You must be absolutely insane. These people are illegal. They are breaking our laws. You print the names of other people who have broken the law, why not them? You’re column is truly off-color. I hope you write a rebuttal.

Shame on you! Scott Stanford’s April 27th column about “naming illegal immigrants” reflects the hypocrisy and rampant situational ethics so evident in today’s exclusive journalistic circles. Wasn’t it on Feb. 23 that Stanford wrote that the paper will not withhold the names in arrest reports? And on March 23, didn’t he write that “news happens on the record?” But now, because immigration has become the hot-button political issue du jour, he parses his words and discards the illusionary high-minded themes of earlier positions and loses what journalistic credibility he may have had in the process. He now explains why his paper won’t print the names of those staying here illegally because it might result in their arrest. And to make matters worse, he has the nerve to compare the rights of a rape victim to someone here illegally, as if they too are the victims of some unnamed violent crime.

Check your source

In the April 16 (Steamboat Pilot & Today) editorial, the Pilot said the Health and Recreation Association has “always received public funds.” I don’t think this is accurate. I suggest you check your source and report the correctness, whether you’re right or wrong.