Sound Off for April 23 |

Sound Off for April 23

The other Pilot & Today

This is Bill Schurman. Apparently the individual who has been receiving the purported Democratic edition of the Steamboat Pilot & Today has been receiving my edition. You can have my Republican edition any time you wish.

Missing information

As I was reading your article concerning the recent failed attempt to lower gasoline taxes in our state, I thought about how nice it would have been if you had included the names of the nine legislators and how each of them voted. This information would have been very useful during the upcoming election.


The “Dawes Dead at 54” headline is a little insensitive. Get it together.

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No on indoor pool

I absolutely do not support Health and Recreation Association’s indoor pool plans. I think it’s a ridiculous move. The whole point of having a pool is to be outdoors in the sun and enjoy the unique surroundings of Health and Rec. It would be a crying shame for the association not co continues to play upon the unique situation.

Indoor pool is great

I think an indoor lap pool at health and Rec would be a great thing.

Don’t cover

The Health and Rec Association should not cover and improve the lap pool for several reasons. It’s already too busy of a corner. The pool is too close to the existing highway. It’s ridiculous to spend $13 million to $16 million on a project like this. And finally, if the city wants an indoor pool for children, it should build its own recreation center.

Roof it

I would love to see a roof on the Steamboat Health and Rec. I think it would accommodate a lot of people in this town. It’s a beautiful facility and this would just make it better.

Maintain lanes

I have no objection to Health and Rec having an indoor pool as long as they maintain the same number of outdoor swimming lanes. I want to make sure we do have a place to swim outdoors, for residents and tourists.

Keep it downtown

Yes, I do support Health and Rec’s indoor pool plans. I think having an indoor pool downtown is the best thing for this community.

Don’t change

Keep the Steamboat Springs Health and Recreation center as it is. Bring it up to date and build a brand new recreation facility for the Triple Crown invasion. Leave Health and Rec just the way it is. It’s unique and it should stay that way.

Back Health and Rec

Yes, the indoor pool should be located and the city should help with the indoor pool at the Health and Recreation Association for purposes of economy of scale and for purposes that the Health and Recreation Association is better suited to manage such a facility. The water facilities should be at one location.

Preliminary plans

If you were at the meeting on Monday night of the Health and Rec Association membership then you would know that these are preliminary plans. It’s not a matter of yes or no, it’s a matter of let’s find out what’s going on.

City should build pool

No, I do not support the Health and Recreation Association’s efforts for an indoor swimming pool. I think the city should build one. Once the city has its own pool, maybe there would be a little more competition.