Sound Off for April 2 |

Sound Off for April 2

Do what’s best

In terms of the question of the week about Soda Creek Elementary, I think they should look at what is best for the community and the least expensive. If demolishing it and building a brand new school is the least expensive way then yeah, they should do it. Or go in and refurbish it. I think they should look at everything and then make a decision for the community. I don’t think you can just say, “demolish and rebuild.”

Unfair exposure

As far as the election for sheriff in Routt County, I think it is unfair exposure for Sgt. Ray Birch that his name is in the paper almost every day, when you don’t see the same for the Democratic candidate. Even in California when Arnold Schwarzenegger was running for governor, they had to limit his exposure on TV, even limiting his movies. I think it should be the same for any candidate running for office here. I realize he is the spokesman for the sheriff’s office, but it is unfair exposure for him.

Keep Soda Creek site

Sad to say, but it is time for the Soda Creek Elementary School to be torn down. I’m afraid it has outlived its usefulness. However, one caveat — the new school must be built in the same place on the same land. It well serves the community right around the school, so the kids can walk to school and use the school for community events.

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Build near Whistler

I think it would be a good idea to demolish Soda Creek Elementary and build a new elementary school near Whistler Park. That would separate the elementary schools and make them farther away and make it better for residents on each end of town.

Offering solutions

One would expect someone like Bobby Carlomagno, who has deep concerns over the understaffed fire department, to be able to offer some solutions.

I would imagine that additional staffing would cost additional money. f taxpayers felt this was a concern, then they would have voted to increase their taxes to assist this service.
It looks like the leaders of the department, J.D Hays, Bob Struble and Mel Stewart are not only aware of the growing need for increased staff, but also actively working at doing just that.

Kicking to the curb

So the city is getting $1.5 million from Jim Cook for approving his project and they don’t know what to do with it? I think they should give it to the people they failed to protect (Westland residents).

They owe it to them. The council also should change its mobile home ordinance. Instead of an impact survey or other paperwork the council should make the developer buy out the owners. The assessor’s taxation value of the mobile home would be perfectly fair. As a former mobile-home owner I see this as the only way to be fair about kicking people to the curb.

Supporting Sound Off

Sound Off is a wonderful part of the paper, maybe even the best part — not because it’s the most newsworthy or the most pertinent or interesting, necessarily, but because people who wouldn’t ordinarily express their passion and concerns find a safe way to do it in Sound Off. It’s important to provide anonymity to those who feel they need it. t seems obvious that if the authors wanted to be known, they’d write a letter to the editor. here are many reasons why a person wouldn’t want to express his or her opinion, especially in a small, fairly isolated town where, if you fall out of favor because of something you said, the repercussions could be much greater than for big-city folk. May Sound Off be in bloom for years to come, until it is no longer needed.