Sound Off for April 18 |

Sound Off for April 18

Congratulations, Cargo

Hooray for Cargo. It is such splendid news that Cargo has been re-elected mayor of Oak Creek. Cargo is a wonderful, warm, honest, caring and human individual who really cares. If more politicians were like her, including to the highest echelons of the national level, the world would be a much better place.

I don’t understand KSBP

I’m calling in response to the KSBP comment in the newspaper. How is this program that they are trying to implement to evaluate teachers, going to attract and keep good, quality teachers? If you are really trying to hire at the low end, how is this attracting the best? How is this going to make qualified, veteran teachers feel, if what has been in the newspaper is true and the board will have to encourage those at the top of the salary structure to retire and replace them with lower-quality teachers?

Chadwick questions

Can you report what is happening at the Chadwick construction site? It looks like they haven’t worked on it in a long time.

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Justice center near jail

The judicial center should be by the jail. The only place a 50,000-square-foot building could fit downtown without closing off a street is directly in front of the existing courthouse, which would mean losing the nice, beautiful green lawn.

Reprint election results

To help clarify the courthouse issue, would the Pilot & Today please republish the election results on the courthouse for all the precincts in the county? I think that might give us a clear perception of what the general population wanted.

County, not city

Good job by Routt County commissioners trying to do what’s best for all of Routt County. Routt County commissioners shouldn’t let the city of Steamboat Springs push them around. This is a county courthouse not a city courthouse and should serve all the residents of Routt County. The county did a good job to save the taxpayers’ money and make a safe environment for the justice center and the taxpayers. Great job by the commissioners.

Who are the Friends?

I would like to see a list of the names of the people who are in the Friends of the Justice Center Inc. Is there a reason they don’t want their names printed?

Downtown would hinder

The wetlands at the jail site are not natural, they are man-made. They wouldn’t even be there if the grading was done correctly, and they really should be removed completely to turn the area back to the way it was. The downtown location will hinder the creek running by the site and that site is in the 100-year flood zone. Not to mention the historic downtown buildings that will have to be torn down.

Center belongs out West

I’d like to say that the justice center belongs out West. There has been a whole long process open to the entire public, and it is not right for the city to interfere.

Not too late

It is never too late to make a good decision.

Religious freedom

I would like to remind the lady who does not like Maureen Dowd’s columns that the first phrase of our Bill of Rights states that, “Congress shall make no law respecting establishment of a religion.” There are not only Protestant and Catholic citizens in the United States, there also are people of many other faiths, including Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, etc. Therefore, we should maintain our religious or nonreligious freedom without our government being involved in that at all.

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