Sound Off for April 16 |

Sound Off for April 16

Ad, not a story

I’d like to comment on Sunday’s story that Tom Ross wrote. It was a three-quarter page advertisement for the new Marabou subdivision in the Elk River Valley. It was more an advertisement than a story. It’s a shame you have lost your objectivity and become a pawn for these big luxury developers. Step aside ranchers for these millionaires, whose concern really isn’t about preservation of habitat but preservation of the bottom line.

Props to Cantina

I just want to congratulate the Cantina on the positive use of the five down days the restaurant was given. It’s wonderful that the restaurant is doing a fundraiser for the post-prom party.

Ask the members

This is in regard to the Steamboat Health and Recreation Association’s plans to expand. I just want to say that the Health and Recreation board members do not represent my feelings, though I am a member of the Health and Recreation Association. The board should take a poll of its membership. What is the board afraid of?

Contradicting herself

I don’t understand how the city policy of advertising for committee positions for one month isn’t enough for Councilwoman Susan Dellinger on the Yampa Valley Housing Authority, but within the same week, Dellinger felt no compunction whatsoever about using no advertising at all and handpicking the airport committee.

Our liberal newspaper

To GOP woes: I have to wonder how long you have lived in Routt County. If you expect that you’re going to get accurate, factual and up-to-date information about anything the Routt County Republican Party is doing, is going to do or has already done, don’t expect to find it in the Steamboat Pilot & Today newspaper. Ask any Republican elected official how many press releases they send the paper that are ignored or lost or buried on the back page. Ask Sheriff John Warner how many times he gives interviews where the information is misquoted, out of context, missing information or just flat out not what he said. Haven’t you realized that this is a one horse, one party, biased, liberal news source that gives token news space to Republican issues? This is a Democrat’s paper.

Fan of column

To Scott Stanford: I was so pleased to see your article on where some of your past reporters have gone and your current editorial staff makeup. We moved here from Los Angeles, and we love the Steamboat Today & Pilot as much as we love the town.After reading the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune on a daily basis, we were so pleasantly surprised at the caliber of writing and the sense of style of many of your reporters. We have especially enjoyed Mike Lawrence for his educational reporting. He really does a great job of not only covering the public schools but also the two great private schools, Christian Heritage School and Lowell Whiteman. Keep up the good work.