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In regards to the question to the Rainbow Family, what would Jesus do? Go and pray with them.

Let them be

My sister was asking about the Rainbow people, and I was telling her I think that half of them are old hippies with regular jobs and the other half wish they’d been born 50 years ago. Then I got to thinking that’s just like the Mountain man Rendezvous only there’s 20,000 of them. So, I don’t know, let them have at it.


Oh yes, the Forest Service has definitely gone overboard.

The real world

I’ve been reading your stories for probably a week now about the Rainbow people. These aren’t offensive people, I mean, we’ve had some problems with them, but Steamboat Springs needs to grow up. I’m sorry, there are different people all over the world. Maybe it’s time some people leave their little ski resort community and get out in the real world.

Live and let live

I believe that the Forest service people ought to live and let live. Leave these folks alone. They aren’t bothering anybody. The Forest Service is just wasting tax dollars with “make work.”

Protect the forest

I don’t think they are being too excessive. Any time you have a gathering of this magnitude, you have to be concerned. They have to make sure the forest isn’t trashed or destroyed.

Losing a landmark

I’m really confused about the Steamboat Springs City Council. Your newspaper has reported for three weeks how parking is such a crucial when it came to the concerns of the Community Center. However, when it came to tearing down a Steamboat landmark and building a totally inappropriate building for Steamboat Springs, parking seemed to just slip by Towny Anderson and Susan Dellinger.

Thanks to Ann

I just wanted to tell you thanks for printing Ann Coulter next to Maureen Dowd. I think Ann Coulter has such a great spin on our country and that your newspaper needed some balance.

GRAMNET’s focus

Where is the news about GRAMNET’s involvement in the Rainbow Gathering? It’s no mystery that a portion of the people who attend the Rainbow Gathering are significantly involved with drugs. Maybe GRAMNET is too busy with the really tough cases, like the Don Nord medicinal marijuana case.

Vitriolic Ann

Ann Coulter claims her book is the No. 1 bestseller. Well the vitriolic, nasty remarks that she makes proves that pornography and cattiness do sell books.

Time to get tough

I think the Forest Service has every right to enforce rules and issue citations. In fact, they should evict this group. No group or non-group is above the law. They don’t have a permit, and they refuse to work with the Forest Service. They should be required to post a bond and pay for services and expenses the Forest Service incurs. Our community and tourism is at risk if a fire breaks out because of this group. Next year another community will have to put up with this. It’s time for the Forest Service to get tough.

Following council votes

I would like the Steamboat Pilot & Today to update its voting system to the same one now being used by City Council. Can we have options to re-vote the following week so we can change our original vote (maybe we have some new information) and options to table the vote in case we cannot choose between yes or no?

Wasting money

The Forest Service, and other officials, are grossly abusing taxpayers’ money and, yes, they are being very excessive in their treatment of the Rainbow Family gatherers. By the Forest Service team’s presence and behavior here, they are putting this community, known for welcoming a diverse array of people, in an unfavorable and unfriendly light.

Just quit

I’m really not sorry that the July 1 smoking ban will be in place. Why should the general non-smoking public empathize given the following: Smoking-related illnesses cost taxpayers millions and statistics show that smokers are generally low wage earners. They simply don’t pay their way. Secondly, most smokers toss their butts out their car windows or throw them on the ground without a thought that they are indeed littering. There is nothing good about smoking, and just because smokers are undisciplined and unable to care for their health doesn’t mean I should be required to pay. We have an easy answer here folks: Quit.

Akers is wrong

Jody Akers’ letter “Drain on society” presents a gross mischaracterization of the Rainbow Family. While there may be Rainbows who make use of EBT cards, they are certainly not in the majority. Most of us are upstanding members of society who contribute a good amount in taxes and perform charity work in their respective communities. The friends I will be meeting up with at the gathering this year include two small business owners, a chemist, a mechanical engineer, two chefs, two high school teachers, two massage therapy instructors, a foreman and an intellectual properties expert. I work in computational physics.

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