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Sound off

Cartoon on target

The cartoon on intelligent design in the Jan. 1 Pilot & Today was right on target. Religious proselytizing has no place in the public schools or in government.

Olympic send-off

Is it just me, or did anyone else think the Olympic send-off resembled a made-for-TV publicity stunt? It’s unfortunate how we lose sight of the meaning at the prospect of big network TV coverage. Next time, why don’t we nix the Jumbotron, the long-winded Denver sportscaster and the loud mouth in the ridiculous hat and cape for a more respectful event? Steamboat is not about X-Games hype as those cagey marketing types might lead you to believe. It’s a wonderful thing to pay tribute to the fine Olympic tradition and athletes in this community, but I think we can do it without the circus coming to town.

I and my large circle of friends had a fantastic time and thought the Olympic send-off was amazing. It was an incredible collection of nearly 10,000 people. We got to see nearly 35 past Olympians and almost all of the athletes competing for the Olympics on stage at the same time. I know the organizers worked really hard in trying times to get this celebration together. The Olympic send-off was more than worth the price in admission, which, last I checked, was free.

Walgreens in Steamboat

There’s no need for Walgreens. City Market, Wal-Mart and Safeway all are at the mountain’s end of town and have pharmacies, and we have Lyon’s Drug in town. The thought that council would even consider fudging on the brand new big-box ordinance at the first challenge makes it worthless. Can’t we get affordable housing for the community any other way than selling out to the big-box stores?

Walgreens would foster more competition in town and provide jobs.

I do not support the construction of a Walgreens in Steamboat. We don’t need another box store. Our little community is becoming a big city. When are Barnes and Noble and Bed, Bath and Beyond coming in?

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