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Sound Off

Holy smokes

Have any of our leaders who are responsible for approving the Disney castle at the corner of Apres Ski Way and Village Drive thought about traffic? That corner was already a complete mess, even on the slowest winter mornings. But add a few hundred car trips in and out of the cartoon castle, and then One Steamboat Place and Snowflower 2 – holy smokes! Think how crazy it’s going to be. Any plans or foresight into this pending chaos?

Parents should pay more

Regarding ballot issues 3C and 3D – Why not think about taxing people for the number of children they are sending to school instead of how much the home is worth? Us single folks seem to be paying for everyone else sending their children to school. Not that I’m opposed to paying taxes for schools, but people who have more than two children should pay extra taxes for schools.

School bus efficiency

What’s with all the school buses driving around Old Town Steamboat Springs when the schools from where they get the kids are located within blocks of some of these bus stops? I watched a man pick up his child one block away from his house. The school bus also was picking up and dropping off his child one block from his house. Is this really an efficient use of our resources, and should we be taxing for more dollars spent when this is how the money we are already taxed is being spent?

Ritter for governor

If the election were held today, I would vote for Bill Ritter for governor. He was in Steamboat several times and he spoke to us about reinvesting in our state. It’s about time we have leadership in the state of Colorado that will invest in the people of Colorado so we can pull ourselves up by the boot strings – we’re now the 45th or 48th state in the nation in funding for education both at the primary and secondary levels. We need a change.

Winkler for governor

I’ll be voting for the only pro-choice candidate for governor in Colorado – Dawn Winkler, the Libertarian.

Doesn’t add up

It just doesn’t compute. Generating an extra $450,000 a year should help improve salaries again for Steamboat Springs School District teachers, but why is it needed in addition to the growing reserves of over $6.2 million? Salaries should be raised now without swelling the coffers even more. Why not double teachers’ salaries to keep up with Steamboat’s economy? Perhaps approving these ballot measures could free up some of the half-cent sales tax revenue to be available to support any of the education efforts in the Steamboat Springs community rather than operating as an ancillary account for the main Steamboat Springs School District.

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