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Sound Off

This is justice?

There must be more to this than meets the eye. Would someone who understands please explain how in Routt County, a person who embezzles $30,000 does less jail time than two men who steal $15 worth of food out of a trash can?

Poor choice

With 42 babies being born last month at the hospital, it’s unfortunate that an apparently unwed couple was chosen to use in the story related to the baby boom in the ‘Boat.

Fix the light

I’m surprised that anybody would spend money in your downtown ever. All I wanted to do today was go out to lunch, drop off a couple bills and go into Books and Booty for their closeout sale. The Eighth Street light is so horribly out of time with everything else, nobody would stop and let me back into a parking spot. Please get this thing fixed.

KBCR changes

This is Don Moss. I’m calling to Sound Off about the changes at KBCR. Not only is there change, but it’s change for the worse. Brian Harvey’s idea of local news is simply reading Steamboat Today over the air. We may be dumb up here on Seedhouse Road but we can read the newspaper by ourselves. We expect the radio station to set a higher standard.

Equalize pay

I’m calling regarding the article in the newspaper – fire, and police forces seek more staff. In reading the paper, I fully support the idea that the city needs more officers and firefighters. However, I was curious why policemen make $11,000 more per year than the firefighters. That seems absurd. Doesn’t the city remember Sept. 11? The city needs to treat the fire and police departments equally.

Do the right thing

The City Council and city planners must be consistent with the inclusionary zoning ordinance for affordable housing. Do not allow payment in lieu of. This defeats the purpose of integrated affordable housing in these massive projects. It also wastes time for the council, project developers and designers.

Classes in Spanish?

It’s wonderful that free classes in English are being given at the college. It would be nice if citizens could attend free classes in Spanish. Don’t you think that would be helpful?

Core trail danger

If you bicycle on the Yampa River Core Trail, you better watch out for the fools who think they own the entire trail.

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