Sonja Macys’ donations double those of opponent Kathi Meyer in Routt Commissioner race

The Democrat has raised nearly $40K, compared to just over $16K for Republican opponent

Democratic candidate for Routt County Commissioner Sonja Macys, left, and Republican Candidate for Routt County Commissioner Kathi Meyer, right.
Dylan Anderson/Steamboat Pilot & Today

Democrat Sonja Macys has raised more than double the amount of money for her campaign for Routt County Commissioner than her Republican opponent Kathi Meyer, according to campaign finance documents from the Colorado Secretary of State.

Macys’ donations total just under $40,000 through Oct. 13, compared to just over $16,000 for Meyer, according to the reports, the most recent of which was filed on Tuesday, Oct. 18. Meyer said she has also loaned her own campaign $15,000, though only $10,000 was included on campaign finance reports already on file.

“I’m incredibly proud of the contributions I have received and the fact that they come from everybody in Routt County, geographically, occupationally,” Macys said. “It’s a diverse mix of people who have contributed to my campaign, also including other political parties.”

About 83% of Macys’ donations come from within Routt County, compared to about 97% for Meyer, according to a Steamboat Pilot & Today analysis of campaign filings.

“I am very proud of that,” Meyer said, referring to how many of her donations came from within the county.

Both candidates have donations from outside of Colorado as well, but each represents a small percentage of their total. Macys said a donation from Virginia came from her mom.

The race is for the third commissioner district, which lies entirely within the city of Steamboat Springs, though all voters in Routt County get to vote in the race. All but about $300 of Meyer’s donations within Routt County are from addresses within Steamboat, while Macy’s has received just shy of $2,000 from parts of the county outside of Steamboat.

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Meyer said she thought the reason the vast majority of her donations came from Steamboat is because of her time in public service in the city on planning commission and city council.

“They know my track record,” Meyer said. “I think I’m very well known in Steamboat, but I have a lot of support out in the county, it’s just the donations are still coming in.”

Macys said the amount of donations coming from rural parts of the county is reflective of her ties with people in outlying areas.

“I have strong relationships throughout the county,” said Macys, who has received donations from each of Routt County’s municipalities. “I’m pretty much spanning the county.”

Macys’ donations include four $2,500 contributions, the max allowed from any one person. Three of those come from donors within Steamboat, and a fourth from Pitkin County.

Macys said many of her donors from outside of Routt County have a connection to Steamboat or a connection to her. For example, the Pitkin County donation is from a friend she met while working on a campaign for Diane Mitsch Bush in the past, Macys said.

“It’s not just random people,” Macys said.

Meyer specifically noted Macys’ four max donations.

“I’ve loaned my campaign $15,000, and that is on purpose. I want to make sure that I am not beholden to any large donors when it comes time to make hard decisions,” Meyer said. “I noticed my opponent has accepted multiple donations up to $2,500”

That loan may eventually turn into a donation to her campaign depending on how many donations come in the final weeks of the campaign. Meyer’s top donation was just over $1,500 and came from an address in Steamboat.

Macys said none of her donors would expect anything in return for their donation, and that they donated because they believe the county needs someone with her skill set on the board of commissioners.

“So many people have invested in me,” Macys said. “People are putting money into your race because they want to see you use it to win the race. So no, I do not feel beholden. The type of people who contribute to me would never expect anything in return, other than me winning the race.”

With just over two weeks left before Election Day, each of the candidates have around $5,000 left to spend, with Meyer having about $400 more than Macys, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

These totals do not include any contributions candidates have gathered after Oct. 13. It also doesn’t include the additional $5,000 loan Meyer gave her campaign that hasn’t yet shown up on campaign filings.

Candidates will need to report contributions again on Nov. 4, which will include contributions through Oct. 30. The final filing is due after Election Day on Dec. 13.

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