Shea Meyer: Irresponsible choice |

Shea Meyer: Irresponsible choice

Irresponsible choice

I feel that the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. has the duty to not allow endorsements of violence against women. A week ago Saturday, Ski Corp. hired Roger Creager to perform with other artists during a music festival. Creager played his song “Everclear,” apparently the anthem for Texas country music. I hope it is not Ski Corp.’s intention to endorse violence against women, as this song suggests in the first verse:

“In my junior year, I swore I loved Miss Sherrie-Ann. One night I put some Everclear in her Dr. Pepper can.

“I thought it’d make her easy, but instead it hit her hard. I took her home and rang her doorbell, Left her lyin’ in the yard.”

At first, I questioned if I had heard the message correctly, but alas, it became “crystal clear” to me after Creager moved on to the chorus.

“If you’re thinkin’ about drinkin’, then the answer’s crystal clear. It’s the invisible intoxicant … it’s called Everclear.”

A date-rape drug, alcohol included, is defined as “a drug often having no color, smell, or taste, which is easily added to flavored drinks without the victim’s knowledge.” It is completely unacceptable for Roger Creager, who was in a leadership position, to even joke about raping a woman. Rape is not an abstract idea for many women — one in every six American women will be the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime (National Institute of Justice and The Center for Disease Control and Prevention). And, 66 percent of all rape victims know their assailants, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey. Rape is an act of power and control, sex being the medium used to achieve this.

I think Ski Corp. needs to take more responsibility in upholding a truly “safe space” for its community by not allowing artists to promote the violent oppression of women. This is not to say that Roger Creager’s right to free speech is to be limited; it is simply saying that Ski Corp. has the duty and the right to book performers whose content is appropriate.

I propose that before booking an artist, Ski Corp. should include in the contract what is and is not appropriate, specifically that no person should be advocating or boasting of the violent oppression of a group of people. If an artist, having agreed to these terms, fails to respect the contract, they should no longer be allowed to perform at the mountain.

This is a serious issue, one that the city of Steamboat and Ski Corp. need to address.

Shea Meyer

Steamboat Springs

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