Shake it all night long |

Shake it all night long

Autumn Phillips

Lisa Brisbois considers herself as much an actor as she is a musician. She plays rhythm guitar, but more important, she plays the part of Malcolm Young, guitar player for AC/DC.

Each member, as they were hired to join Hells Belles for the instruments they play, also picked up a persona.

Adrian Conner plays lead guitar, and with it, she donned a schoolgirl uniform and the bludgeoning playing style of Angus Young.

Every band member is a longtime fan of AC/DC, but since joining Hells Belles, an all-female AC/DC tribute band, the women watch videos and listen to the music as if they were studying a script.

“There’s a lot of subtlety in playing Malcolm,” Brisbois said. “People say, ‘What’s the big deal? He just plays rock chords.’ But he uses a lot of open chords, and he’s always adding notes.”

In playing someone else’s music as close to the way it originally was played, creativity comes in the form of theater.

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“You can do things with your part where you put your own spin on it,” Brisbois said. “And the audience is always so great. They love the music and we feed off of that.”

Their AC/DC alter egos affect the band members in surprising ways, Brisbois said.

“Malcolm and Angus are brothers, and it kind of happened by accident that Adrian feels like my little sister. We have that relationship now.”

Hells Belles is the brainchild of Om Fletcher, who started the band almost five years ago, Brisbois said. Fletcher is the Brian Johnson of the band.

“Every girl in the band has a pretty deep love for (AC/DC),” Brisbois said. “Musically, they are a great rock band. They are a pretty straightforward blues band with a hard rock spin.”

What set them apart, she said, is that they sound simple but there are a lot of subtleties to the music.

“And their songs are catchy as hell,” she said.

At a Hells Belles live show, the women always make sure they play the AC/DC audience favorites — “Back in Black,” “Dirty Deeds done Dirt Cheap” and “Highway to Hell.”

What: Hells Belles, all female AC/DC tribute band When: 10 p.m. Saturday Where: Levelz, 1860 Ski Time Square Drive Cover: $8 before 10 p.m. Call: 870-9090.