Sewer rates, base plan up for approval |

Sewer rates, base plan up for approval

Dana Strongin

City Council members will vote today whether to approve a new sewer rate structure.

If approved, the new structure will set a base rate of $6.77 for all residential customers’ bills.

People affected by the ordinance would include residents who receive sewer service from the city of Steamboat Springs, the Mount Werner Water and Sanitation District, the Tree Haus subdivision and the Steamboat II Water and Sanitation District.

Officials from each service area will set additional costs to the base rate, so charges likely will differ for customers living in different areas.

For most residents, the change will mean higher bills. One reason for the increase is to pay for the recent expansion of the water treatment plant, city officials have said. Residents of the city service area also will pay for improvements to the collection system they use.

The new rate structure is intended to take the place of a 25-year-old agreement between the water entities and the city that ends Nov. 1.

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At today’s meeting, the City Council also will vote whether to adopt an updated chapter of the Mountain Town Sub-Area Plan Update.

The Steamboat Springs Planning Commission voted last month to recommend that the City Council adopt the final draft of the plan, which is intended to guide future development at the base of Steamboat Ski Area.

The plan the council members see will be updated from the one the planning commissioners approved. Commissioners, in addition to planning staff, suggested several corrections to the draft, including fixing factual errors. They also wanted to look into loosening guidelines restricting development along Burgess Creek.

In other business, City Manager Paul Hughes will tell the council about the Mount Werner Water and Sanitation District’s last board of directors meeting.

During the meeting, the board discussed inadequate fire flow — water from fire hydrants — in seven neighborhoods within the district. The board of directors said that the district would take financial responsibility for the inadequate fire flow.